Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wrinkle injections and skin

Restylane, a form of hyaluronic acid, was developed in Sweden instead of collagen. This material is injected into the lips, wrinkles and skin folds to remove irregularities in the contour of the surface and provide a "fill" temporary. Injections can be easily performed without anesthesia or under local anesthesia. Since Restylane contains no materials that could cause an allergy, a preliminary test is not required.

The treated area does not usually form bruising after treatment. It only lifted up over the first 2 or 3 days after treatment, then it reaches its optimal form after about 3 days.

Although it is only available for a relatively short time, Restylane has become very popular and the results that can last six months or a year, seem very satisfactory.

Collagen present in the products of skin care cream based is worth absolutely nothing. As a large protein molecule, collagen can not penetrate the upper layers of the skin.

Protein purified collagen is injected into wrinkles and fine medium for about twenty years. A single visit to the doctor's office is required and injections take only a few minutes. However, skin testing for allergies to collagen is absolutely required before treatment. The test results are obtained after several days and many doctors believe that a second skin test should be conducted to prevent allergic reactions to collagen injection.

Collagen treatments are moderately effective, but the effects are temporary, lasting only 3 to 6 months. Most patients want a greater improvement that lasts longer than collagen and offers are better to wait to be prepared to undergo a more definitive treatment.

Collagen is a form of "replacement therapy" because it consists of regular animal collagen and is broken down in the human skin when injected. In fact, your own collagen is in a balance, being constantly made and broken.

The Artecoll is another injectable product for skin that is offered for a short time. It is made of acrylic microspheres in a collagen-based. Once injected the microspheres, they would be difficult to remove. Although it offers a hope of obtaining a permanent change, it makes the problems that arise are difficult to treat. A less permanent injectable product may be more useful:

Fat injections have limited benefits for treatment of fine wrinkles and medium-sized, but recent studies have shown that part of the aging process is the gradual loss of facial fat, resulting in loss of the magnitude of the face. During a short operation under an hour, the fat is injected where needed in the face, filling the contours and fattening the skin. The grease used for these injections is taken by liposuction in another part of the body.

Botox is a relatively new treatment for wrinkles of the brow and around the eyes. Botox is made of the same toxin that causes botulism stocking, but it is used in much lower doses. This material has been used successfully for years to "refine" the results of strabismus surgery-related and has been recently applied to cosmetic uses, where it is generally used for lines caused by frowning and legs of Goose. However, it has no effect on wrinkles long-established when the skin was deeply wrinkled. The injection causes temporary paralysis (3 to 6 months) of the injected muscles.

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