Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Symptoms and Diagnosis for Hypertension

Mostly, people who have hypertension have no symptoms. This is why hypertension is also called the "silent killer". The complications of untreated hypertension can have serious consequences and could result in death.

In rare cases, some people may experience mild pain in the back of the head when he awoke in the morning during the early stages of hypertension. Headaches, dizziness and nosebleeds can sometimes be reported if blood pressure is very high, but these symptoms are very rare.

Why should we treat high blood pressure?

The treatment of high blood pressure is extremely important for many reasons. Over time, increased pressure of blood in the arteries and veins can cause damage to important organs such as eyes, kidneys, brain and heart. The longer we wait before processing, the more damage can be significant.

Friday, 25 May 2012

What is high blood pressure?

When blood exerts too much pressure on the inner walls of blood vessels (arteries and veins), hypertension appears. Although it contains the root word "tension", he is not a condition exclusive to people who have an anxious temperament, moreover, a prolonged period of great stress can affect the measurement of blood pressure. It is estimated that a person has high blood pressure when she gets several times a measure of systolic pressure equal to or greater than 140 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure measurement greater than or equal to 90 mmHg. The numbers of optimal blood pressure fall below 120 mmHg for systolic and below 80 mmHg for diastolic pressure.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The causes of high blood pressure

A comparison is often made between the bicycle tires and blood vessels to explain how blood pressure works in the body. Indeed, the air which presses against the inner wall of a bicycle tire keeps it inflated. Depending on the volume of air in the tire, it is full and ready to roll, or it is soft and seems "flat". Blood pressure is the force that blood exerts against the inner walls of blood vessels, like the air in the tire of a bicycle.

Monday, 21 May 2012

How to lose weight fast

Obesity is the major health issue among the people hence it is the root cause for the most of the fatal disease. Nearly 70% of the world population is suffering from the obesity problem and the most worrying thing is the major part of this statistics is merely children below 18 years. How to lose weight fast is the really big question for them. They generally go on diets through the only reason of losing the superfluous weight they have accumulated over the years. And the recent good thing to say is that a lot of people are doing well in their pursuit. But, about half wind up either setting the entire back on or else putting on even more pounds. This could have health effects for instance doubling up the danger of fatality all the way through heart disease, if they go behind what is generally called as a yo-yo diet. Therefore what is the finest method to lose weight? Keeping their selves away from (or at least minimizing to twice a week) what is said to be the POWS foods (processes foods, oily foods, whites and sugars) is an extremely superior begin, and work out is also significant of course.

My advice for the people who re suffering from obesity

Totally evade the entire that is pointed out above as POWS foods for the just a month. Presuming they are not diabetic or else contain further chief health concerns where definite foods could concern their health, turn out to be a lacto-vegetarian. Reinstate the white rice and bread among red rice as well as wholegrain bread. Change the butter or margarine through a plant based food et cetera and stay away from any foods that are having sugar. I tried this method and really experienced the wonderful results. Hope this may really help! Thanks :)

STD Test

Hi everyone! I am going to talk with you all about STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease). It can have an effect on any person, and finding out it is an important thing to get rid of those bad consequences. Generally, most of us may feel shy to go for a doctor to get these tests done. Well I guess, it will be a great boon for the people who do want to get these tests done privately. Yes, today we can able to do these STD testing from our home and it is very easy too. Very recently, I got an opportunity to view an online site at stdtests.us that is in particular meant for the home std test and the wonderful information about the std testing. I came to know that is really essential for everyone of us to get done these STD testing even if we are not sexually active person. We ought to carry out private STD testing at least a year for the reason that the spread of contagion can go on though saliva, wound or else ejections from a STD infected person. Neither condoms nor any birth control methods may help out you not to get pregnant; however they do not prevent STD viruses from pass on a disease to you. This is the reason that why you ought to be careful on the subject of protecting yourself as well as the ones you really feel affection for and carry out STD testing frequently. Since online STD testing is very much trouble free you can ask over your partner to make it also, hence you both will lessen your peril of receiving sexually transmitted diseases. This online site is really a real appreciable thing for the people who are in need to perform std testings done more privately. For more information please log on to stdtests.us. Thanks!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Great site of Health

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Treatment and Prevention for Stroke

It is imperative to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke and seek medical attention immediately.

Treatment is required in the first few hours after the onset of stroke to prevent the formation of brain damage and disabilities, and promote healing. Brain cells die if they are deprived of blood flow and oxygenating irrigator, if only for a few minutes.

Emergency medical care is needed when you experience symptoms suggesting a stroke because there are treatments that can restore blood flow to the brain and prevent further brain damage or recurrence of an accident stroke. Yet studies show that 40% to 70% of people experiencing a stroke are unable to hospital within 3 hours after onset of stroke that is to say during the period during which drug treatment could dissolve a clot.

Among the drugs used in the treatment of stroke, there are those who act in the short term and long term.

Among the treatments the onset of action is short term, there are injections. They are of two types:
  • Thrombolytics (eg. the tissue plasminogen activator, tPA), which aims to dissolve the clot and unblock the blocked blood vessel to restore normal blood flow and limit damage to brain tissue. These medications can be given to certain people within 3 hours after onset of symptoms and are administered intravenously by trained health professionals;
  •  Anticoagulants (eg. heparin) are used in some cases to reduce the clotting power of blood. They do not dissolve blood clots already formed, but they can prevent them grow bigger and cause other problems.
The long-term treatments include medicines taken by mouth to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke. Among these are:
  •     platelet inhibitors (eg. acetylsalicylic acid, clopidogrel, dipyridamole, ticlopidine);
  •     anticoagulants or "blood thinners" (eg. dabigatran and warfarin).
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using herbal products and nonprescription medicines because these medications can increase the risk of bleeding while you are being treated with drugs indicated for the prevention of a stroke.

The following treatments are proving very useful in the prevention of stroke:
  •     antihypertensives;
  •     drugs that lower cholesterol;
  •     surgical procedures (eg. carotid endarterectomy) for some people.
Another way to prevent stroke and related diseases that are long term, reduce your risk factors taking into account the following suggestions.

Make changes to your lifestyle:
  •     stop smoking;
  •     increase your physical activity level;
  •     limit your consumption of alcohol;
  •     Adopt a balanced diet;
  •     Limit your alcohol consumption to 1 or 2 drinks per day (to a maximum of 9 drinks per week for women and 14 drinks per week for men);
  •     reach a healthy weight;
  •     reduce the influence of stress on your life.

Manage your medication and take care of your medical conditions:
  •     use your medications as directed by your doctor and pharmacist;
  •     monitor your blood pressure regularly if it is high;
  •     Use your medicine as directed by your doctor if you have a heart condition like congestive heart failure or atrial fibrillation;
  •     regularly measure your blood sugar using a glucometer if you have diabetes.

Diagnosis for Stroke

If you experience symptoms of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), your doctor will ask about your medical history and any recent events may be related to your symptoms.

After a physical and neurological examination, complementary tests may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. They may include brain images obtained using computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or analysis of brain electrical activity demonstrated by electroencephalography (EEG).

In addition, other tests such as angiography or Doppler ultrasound, among others, are often useful to evaluate blood flow in the vessels and detect arterial obstruction. Further analysis could include blood tests, chest x-rays and examinations of the heart as an electrocardiographic (ECG a) or ultrasound (ultrasound).

Friday, 4 May 2012

Nuru Gel

Dear friends! I am having girl friends who lives in Thailand narrate for me their foam bath experiences. They may have a bathe with some boys of their choice, shower, and a massage with soap…. I was ruse – even as a man, I was not allowed to do such activities as I came from an orthodox family in India. I understood the massaging activities dole out in any case some of the most beneficial ideas. It is really exciting to say that, massaging our body may ease and relieve tensions and enjoy the calmness in ourselves. As a result, while I learnt that Nuru was being pioneered to Singapore, I was really keyed up. As a final point, what comes about in a massage parlor can also be done in our homes between two cherished buddies. Do you know what the meaning of Nuru is? It denotes slippery in Japanese as well as it is an innovative theory in massage gels. It is a high greasy, odorless and tasteless. It contains very rare minerals and a special kind of seaweed extracts that can give you the absolute body massage. It is certainly meant for the definitive amazing body massage. Nuru gel in point of fact initiated in Japan as well as it is used extensively in Japan and Thailand. And, more excitingly it is effectively laying its strongest place in the European countries also. I have also suggested this wonderful slippery nuru gel to few of my friends who are running their own massage parlors here in Thailand. And, I would like to suggest this fantabulous slippery nuru gel for the people who are in need to acquire the most excellent kind of gel that is specially meant for Massaging. For further information, please log on to their site at nur-gel.com. Thanks!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Symptoms and Complications of Stroke

Symptoms of stroke appear suddenly and last only a few minutes or hours, but rarely more than 2 days. Everyone should be able to recognize the five main symptoms of stroke and seek immediate medical attention if any of these symptoms occur:
  •      sudden numbness or paralysis reaching the face, arm or leg (usually on one side of body only);
  •      the sudden appearance of a slurred speech or difficulty in understanding what is said;
  •      the sudden loss of vision (often in one eye) or double vision;
  •      the sudden onset of dizziness or balance problems or coordination;
  •      of severe headache and unusual occurring suddenly without apparent cause (often described as "the worst headache of my life."
A transient ischemic attack or TIA is a "mini-stroke" caused by temporary interruption of blood flow to the brain. Symptoms of a TIA are the same as those of a stroke, except that they disappear within a few minutes or hours, and they usually last no more than 24 hours. However, TIAs require immediate medical attention the same as stroke. TIAs are important warning signs of a stroke as possible. Medical care is needed.