Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nutrient Value of Cabbage

Cabbage is one of those universal well known leafy vegetables which is highly nutritive and has the highest value when eaten raw.  It contains calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin C, iron and small quantity of B complex and its green leaves are rich in Vitamin A. Cabbage is an excellent muscle builder, eliminates the gaseous toxin in the body and helps in cleaning of the bowels. Cooking the cabbage loses its nutrients and if cooked for a longer time it tends to get harder and difficult to digest. Those who do not relish a raw cabbage can par boil it so that it gets soft and is pleasant to eat without losing its nutrient value. Cabbage juice when mixed with equal quantity of carrot juice can act as a good treatment for intestinal treatment of mucous membranes as well as for ulcers when 250 grams of the mixed juice taken thrice a day for effective results. Cabbage juice alone in large quantity should be avoided since it can cause goiter – thyroid enlargement.  Cabbage juice can be taken accompanied with juices of carrots, beetroots, and cucumbers or even with buttermilk.
Cabbage come from the Cruciferae family which contains many vegetables and is also called the mustard family. It is said that the presence of the chemical – isothiocyanates, which is found in cabbage can lower the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Cabbage vitalizes the immune system, helps to maintain good skin texture preventing wrinkles and premature ageing.  Besides this, if taken regularly, it helps in promoting healthy hair and nails growth, is good for obesity as well as chronic skin disorders. Cabbage is a low calorie vegetable and very rich in fiber. Know the nutrient value of this leafy vegetable and include it in your every day diet and enjoy the benefits of consuming it  

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Feel the difference with Tulsi

We fail to recognize the many remedial values we are blessed with in nature and the right use of it can save us from the various ailments we are afflicted with, during our life. We could make use of them and be responsible in preventing and saving ourselves from the sickness that we may come across in life. Tulsi for instance has immense medicinal value for most of the ailments we endure in our everyday life and is God’s gift to us. The Tulsi plant exhales Ozone, the molecules of which contain three atom of oxygen in place of atmospheric oxygen which has two atoms in each molecule. The tulsi plant emanates a special vapor that purifies the air, due to the presence of the oily fragrance which evaporates and mingles in the atmosphere eliminating the bacteria and other disease causing germs Tulsi contains around twenty seven minerals which are extensively used for medicine in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic and for the treatment of Tuberculosis, Asthma, leprosy and much more. It is also helps in purifying the blood as well as improves our digestive system.

 Things placed near the plant or within the aroma of a Tulsi plant, will not deteriorate or get spoiled quickly. During solar and lunar eclipses, foods and drinks can be stored by placing tulsi leaves in them. This is due to the bactericidal properties and electrical energy of the leaves which protects the stored stuff from the adverse effect of the eclipsed luminaries’ rays. It is said that if tulsi plant is placed near a dead body, it slows down the decaying process. Besides this, the tulsi plant also has salutary effects on our thoughts and the inclinations of our minds as well. Its aroma helps in generating positive thoughts promoting sanctity, purity and spiritual progress besides curing physical ailments. Mosquitoes as well as snakes are repelled and keep away from tulsi plants and its surroundings. Having a tulsi plant in the vicinity of your dwelling place, keeps the surrounding free from poisonous insects, keeping the atmosphere pure with good supply of oxygen, with the occupants enjoying an atmosphere free from pollution. So make the most of its use and benefit from the same for a healthy living.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Psychotherapy counseling

Information on therapy training and consultation can now be availed through the internet from service providers catering to the same.  The psychotherapy counseling thunder bay clinic at Ontario is available for couples and family when their near and dear ones are in distress or undergoing some sort of stress.  Due to this disorder, relationships can get affected bringing about a lot of uncertainty in a normal relationship.  This can be sorted out with the help of providers who extend their services by way of training and consultation which can enable the affected individual or persons to tide over the tensed phase of their life and begin a healthy relationship with their near and dear family members.  These providers offer a free thirty minutes consultation for referral a member which is the first step to their resolving process and settling of problematic relationships.  
Therapy and consultation go hand in hand and is the most essential element to ease out the distress in one’s life.  We often tend to overlook certain facts in life which we ourselves are the cause of.  With the help of consultation combined with therapy, many changes can take place thereby helping in paving the way to a good relationship. For couple therapythunder bay offers them all the help they need after getting to know the problem and dealing with it in an effective manner thus leading them on the road to happiness.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Benefit from Cucumbers

Cucumbers are noted for its cooling effect and are found to be refreshing on a hot summer day. Moreover placing a slice of cucumber on the eyes gives immense relief from tireness as well as relieve from puffiness. This is due to the photochemical present in cucumbers which tightens the collagen in the skin and helps to reduce the puffiness. Rubbing cucumbers to any cellulite spot or wrinkles lessens the visibility of the same. Besides these remedies, one can chew on cucumber before going to bed, to avoid headaches due to a hectic schedule or prevent a hangover since cucumbers are known to be high in B vitamins, electrolytes and sugar and they compensate for the nutrients that can help in eliminating a headache.

Cucumber also helps in controlling bad breath or Halitosis. A slice of cucumber place on the roof of the mouth and held by the tongue for thirty seconds can kill the bacteria which causes bad breath It is also helpful in treating high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. People suffering from high blood pressure should include cucumbers in their daily consumption and take advantage of them in improvements of their health. The seeds of cucumber are diuretic and helpful as a constipation remedy. Steaming your face over a hot boiling pot with cucumber helps in rejuvenating the skin giving it a radiant and a healthy look due to the chemicals present in it which mixes with the steam giving it the end results of a glowing skin.

 Pen and crayon marks on walls can be erased with the help of unpeeled cucumbers and gives it a unstained look. Squeaky hinges can be turned off by rubbing cucumber on the hinges thus eliminating the squeaky sound. Cucumbers can also be used as pest controls to ward off insects. Cucumber slices can be placed in a box and left in any area of home or garden to drive insects away. The chemical present in cucumber leaves them uncomfortable and drives the insect away from that area.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Health and Lifestyle

In order to enjoy a healthy life one should pay heed to one’s health and take note of the consumptions and intake, not forgetting to exercise on a daily basis to keep the body fit and healthy, Food provides the much needed energy for the daily function and activities we perform in our everyday life when we are awake in the various movements or even when we are asleep, to maintain the metabolism, heart, breathing function and the overall body temperature. Protein contents provides the nutrients needed for muscles, nail, skin, hair and organs and is helpful in building the body’s defenses.

 Minerals too are needed to support metabolism growth, function of nerves and muscles, and blood formation in the body, while vitamins helps in the various processes in our bodies like the production of blood cells, hormones, enzymes besides skin, nerves, skin and our immune system. Antioxidants helps to fight the harmful effect of substances best known as free radicals which are compounds formed during our body’s normal metabolic function and through the wear and tear on body cells. They are the chemicals that are naturally formed in our foods. Dietary fiber or carbohydrates are present in plants, cereals, vegetables, fruits, lentils, grains, nuts and dried peas. The benefits of fiber are good for cardiovascular health, to control diabetes and blood sugar, for prevention of cancer, for weight loss, and for the overall health of the body.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Buy Abilify

One of the biggest problems with schizophrenia is that people who have it often do not believe that they have it. Everything feels so real to them. When others come up to them and tell them that they are not thinking correctly and that they need to get back on their medication, they simply do not buy it. This is why schizophrenia so often goes untreated. The disease works against people who have it by making them think that nothing is wrong.

This is far different than most other issues that need treatment. For instance, if you have a broken leg, you know that you need a cast. If you have just had your wisdom teeth taken out, you know that you need to stay on the painkillers while your body heals. With these physical injuries, there is never any doubt about what needs to be done because the problem - and the solution to that problem - is very clear. Mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disease, fall into a different category because your brain can actually trick you into thinking something that is not true.

If you Buy Abilify to treat your disorder, it is incredibly important that you keep taking it all of the time. Do not put it off and let the disorder go untreated, even if you actually believe that nothing is wrong. It is a good idea to get someone else to promise that they will hold you accountable even if you fight it.