Monday, 30 January 2017

Three-parent baby born to infertile couple in world first

A highly experimental birth technique was conducted by few reputed doctors in Ukraine with miraculous results. An ordinary Ukrainian couple was trying to conceive a baby for almost 10 years, and was disappointed with no results. The desperate need of the couple for their own baby also made them go through four rounds of IVF.

However, the results were still negative and they had almost lost of the hope of having their own children. IVF is the test tube baby technique in which the sperm and egg are manually combined in a laboratory. The doctors tried to create a new type of three-person IVF and were successful in doing so. For the first time, this three-person IVF procedure has allowed this infertile couple to become fertile and have their own child.

Three-person IVF method 

This couple was blessed with a baby boy using a new technique called the pronuclear transfer, and the doctors regarded the technique as being ‘highly experimental’. In Kiev, the doctors fertilized the father’s sperm with the mother’s egg into another egg donated by an anonymous (name not revealed) woman.

Valery Zukin, the supervisor of the entire procedure revealed, that later this egg was again implanted into the womb of the mother, who gave birth to the child naturally. The couple was completely awe-struck by the news and at first couldn’t believe that such a miracle was really possible.

Scientists claim the method to be unsafe 

The three-person IVF procedure is not entirely new, and has been used previously for preventing inheritance of genetic disorders. However, this was the first time that the same was used as a potent method of treating infertility. The director of Nadiya clinic, Kiev remarked that this particular procedure is effective and could be used in the future to help women in their 40’s to give birth naturally, using their own eggs. However, other scientists have stated that this procedure could not be scientifically tested and that it could give false hope to infertile women trying to conceive.

Dr. Zukin further added that this procedure is highly effective for infertile women suffering from the condition commonly known as ‘embryo arrest’. This is an uncommon condition and is suffered by 1 out of 150 IVF patients.

In this condition, the embryo of the patient simply stops growing even before it’s implanted. This new pronuclear procedure has not yet been scientifically proven as stated by the chairman of British Fertility Society, Adam Balen. They are also quite cautious about espousing this method for improving IVF outcomes.

The baby boy has a tiny amount of DNA from the anonymous woman and has inherited its genes from his original parents. Yesterday the Nadiya clinic in Kiev announced that the child was born healthy on 5th January, 2017. In response to the scientists’ statements of this method being unsafe, Dr Zukin stated that they ought to try a new procedure for knowing its outcomes correctly. The couple had gone through 4 IVF cycles, and could never conceive even after 10 years of trying. HFEA approved the new procedure and this is considered as a historic decision.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Blood Repellent Materials: A New Approach to Medical Implants

Blood Repellent Materials
The medical assistant that is being provided to several human beings does enable immediate relief to the patients from the concerned ailment but at the same time bears several side-effects that can lead to further health problems. With the up-gradation in the field of science and technology, medical science has answer to every serious health issues. But, it should be kept in mind that these newly developed remedies do not become the reason behind several other problems.

One of the biggest problem these days have been discovered that gives a negative dimension to new high techniques of curing diseases is that stents, catheters and tubing bears the risk of blood clotting and infection. This situation has become very common amongst several patients, which is even life threatening.

As per the research done in the Colorado State University, suggests that this is definitely a very obvious problem but they even have discovered a solution to this. The engineers there say that if a properly grown surface of titanium referred to as superhemophobic which is remarkably repulsive to blood can solve the problem. They even assured that this material can be confidently used for surgeries as it has the lowest risk of being hazardous to health in comparison to other materials which increases the risk of future ailments.

This solution has been forged out of two theories .The two developing disciplines has recently been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials by assistant professors in the department of medical and biomedical engineering, Arun Kota and KetulPopat.

Kota who is an expert in seperomniphobic materials, one day during his experiments discovered that titanium and blood act as highly repulsive stuffs. He and others who were involved in this experiment came to a conclusion that this can be used in terms of medical surgeries as adhesion of platelets is very low in terms of titanium and blood. So, if titanium is used by the surgeons then the risk of blood clotting can be averted.

The whole crux of their invention is that they are suggesting to use a material that is tremendously undesired by blood. The titanium surface turns out to be so repulsive that blood can be tricked into accepting that there isn’t any presence of an undesired material, which makes the situation appealing and hence, any risk can be easily avoided. It is all about tricking blood in terms of its high resistant capabilities.

Blood is always taken to be an unfavorable material for interaction which leads to several other problems in the area of medical science. Students of this field in the due course of time learn how to form clots, and several other problems like heart attack or embolisms just by making blood react to its enemies.

Researches are still being carried to find several other materials that acts as of high repulsive value in terms of blood and hence materials should be tested in labs before they are used for any surgeries.

Monday, 23 January 2017

carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae 'nightmare bacteria' Harvard study declares

CRE the antonym for carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae is one of the most dangerous and scary widespread bacteria which is resistant to antibiotics. With studies being conducted to find the effects of it and how hard it is to deal with, CRE has been branded with the tag of being the ‘nightmare bacteria’. The name was done after the studies found out that the CRE has been immune to even the last resort antibiotics.

In a recent research undertaken by the Harvard scientists, the earlier knowledge about the CRE seemed faint as the same has been found to exist with much wider appearance and disaster. The CRE is known to exist in various species across the country with each species dealing with its own medication needs and fighting.

The species of CRE is found to be spreading and getting shared in new species with medication resistance. And the spread of the same is happening from person to person without any visible symptoms. While most medications are focused on treating the infections caused because of CRE, the new research have brought the tension more intensely as the cases are understood to be more intense than it seemed. Some medications might just not be able to treat the CRE that exists with no visible signs or infections.

For fighting with the CRE there is a need to observe and study the pattern of the transmission of the bacteria in communities and improve the healthcare facilities says the associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard Chan School and also the senior author of study, William Hanage.

CRE is a bacteria which is proven to be resistant to antibiotics. The class of bacteria has been under study since years and has been found ineffective and immune to even the last resort drugs and antibiotics which even include the carbapenems. With a widespread presence in communities, and transmitting through patience in hospitals and healthcare centers, the bacteria has caused about 600 deaths in USA each year with about 9300 types of infections.

The researchers picked about 250 samples from hospitals of Boston and California to study its effects with aims which mainly were:

  • CRE’s generic diversity 
  • CRE’s outbreaks and its process-timings 
  • The study of CRE spreading in hospitals and people 
  • Learn the spread of resistance because of CRE in different species 

Dr Hanage’s study revealed that a riot of diversity existed both in the CRE species as well as carbapenem genes resistance. The research also stated that there is free movement of bacteria from species to species and thus an increased threat because of CRE. The resistance to the CRE is found to be more than ever and is evolving with time which shall make the practice of solving the mystery even more difficult with each passing day. And thus scientists insist genomic surveillance of these dangerous bacteria to get clearer understanding and control over the mechanism in which it works.

The scientists are finding ways to stop the transmission as an early measure to fight against the resistance which shall prove helpful in achieving major understanding and creating ways to fight with it. The treatments shall be effective only when the transmission is stopped and the study is being conducted for that too!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Snapdeal – Making Online Shopping Easier!

Not only an online retail shop, Snapdeal also lets you to take care a variety of your transactions including data card recharge, bill payment, and DTH recharge. This permits you to do all of your shopping and payments on one handy platform, making it more suitable and fun. You can also search for available properties on the real estate market or arrange for a personal loan for your vacation, through Snapdeal.

With the help of Snapdeal you have the benefit of getting discounts and promotions on these services that you might not otherwise get if you were handling these transactions directly with the vendor. You can take the benefit of these promotions to get great deals and discounts on everything you want to buy from Snapdeal. As it continues to establish itself in the marketplace, it becomes a huge resource for bargains and great finds online for the benefit of the customer. When one browses through the inventory made available on Snapdeal, you will observe that many of the items have already been priced at a fairly discounted rate from what you will find at the stores, helping you save more. There are many coupons available on Zoutons that can be used for additional savings, many of which can be redeemed during the check-out stage of your shopping.

To put in use the promo code, one has input the code during the checkout process when the payment and shipping details are to be filled in. When the code is applied correctly, one cangaugethe discount that is given from the total amount of the shopping. If you do not see the discount being applied, you should check to verify that the promo code has not expired, as manu promo codes lapse within a period of time.

Snapdeal has two new deals to offer every, the deals are listed under “Deals of the Day” section. In this section, you can find a number of popular products discounted to a thriftier price. Moreover, Snapdeal’s “Super Deal of the Day” gets you the highest discount in comparison to the rest of the deals provided in this section. Deals of the Day change on a daily basis, so don’t feel sad if your deal isn’t listed today, it will one day keep checking Snapdeal!

Snapdeal also has its own mobile app for iOS, android and Microsoft; so that you can check discounts and offers whenever you want. When you use the Snapdeal app; coupons are still accessible so that you can get some extra savings on your purchases. Using Snapdeal coupons from Snapdeal app is easy, so your checkout process remains fast and easy.

Shipping and Delivery: 

Snapdeal always attempts to provide with excellent shipping facility. The charges for shipping and delivering your item may differ depending upon what you have purchased. Normally, all information regarding the cost of shipping of a particular product can be found on that item’s page. Snapdeal also has the facility of faster delivery option, but this will require some extra money!

If you want your items with faster shipping, there are two ways by which this can be achieved. Items having a mark SD+ or Snapdeal Fulfilled items tend to arrive with much faster delivery than other items and are highly recommended if you need your items fast. On the other hand, you can also opt for Next Day Delivery, which will make sure that your item arrives in the following day. Prior to placing your order, you can also check whether Snapdeal delivers to your place by entering your PIN code prior to placing your order so that you are not disappointed at the end.

Snapdeal offers a 7 Day Easy Returns policy which will let you have your item replaced or returned within a week of its delivery, due to any reason. If you want to return an item, you must indicate that you wish to return or replace via your Snapdeal account. This will initiate the correct process and setup a time for a courier to pick up your items from your location and deliver them back to Snapdeal. In order for an item to be eligible for a return, the product tags and packaging must still be intact so that it will be suitable for resale.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

SRM University, an Overview

SRM University is a university is one of the top universitiesin Chennai and was established in 1985. It is a private university and UGC approved. It has many facilities like Boys hostel, girl’s hostel, gym, library, sports, cafeteria, auditorium, medical, WiFi, transport and IT infrastructure.

There is a total of 2084 faculty. There is a total of 52 courses offered in all and out of 52, 21 are under graduate courses and 31 are post graduate courses.

Undergraduate courses offered are:
  •  Aerospace Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering 
  •  MBBS 
  •  Bachelor of Science 
  •  Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) 
  •  Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law 
  •  Bachelor of Law 
  •  Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) 
  •  Bachelor of Education 
  •  Bachelor of Medical Records Sciences 

Some of the post graduate courses offered are:
  •  Masters in Architecture 
  •  M. Tech. Water Resources and Management, M. Tech. Nanotechnology, M. Tech. Power Electronics and Drives, M. Tech. Power Systems, M. Tech. Remote Sensing and GIS, M. Tech. Robotics, M. Tech. Software Engineering, M. Tech. Biomedical Engineering 
  •  M.Sc. Information Technology

Mode of admission in SRM University is:

  1. SRMJEE for undergraduate course 
  2. NATA for undergraduate architecture course 
  3. SRMGEET for postgraduate course 
  4. GATE for postgraduate course 
  5. TANCET for postgraduate course 
There is one more campus in Ghaziabad. The SRM University NCR campus also has many courses to offer. And it is a deemed university. There is a reservation of 50% in general category, 27% in OBC, 15% SC and 8% in ST category.  

Based on Nationality the criteria for SRMJEEE Eligibility are:
  •  Students should be Indian Nationals/Non-Resident Indians (NRI)/PIO/OCI card holders (cards issued by Government of India). 
  •  NRI/PIO/OCI card holders who do not sit for SRMJEEE can apply under International student category. 

Eligibility for B.Tech programmes through SRMJEEE 

  • Students must have passed 10+2 (or equivalent exam) in regular stream from any State Board/CBSE/ISCE/Matriculation/NIOS. 
  • Those currently appearing in class XII or equivalent exam in regular stream from any State Board/CBSE/ISCE/Matriculation/NIOS are also eligible for the entrance exam. 
  • For admissions in Delhi - NCR campus, students must have obtained minimum aggregate marks of 55% in PCM. 
  • For admissions to B.Techprogrammes, the students who have secured International Baccalaurette (IB) with diploma or A-level with major subjects as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry qualified from any International school within India are also eligible to sit in the entrance exam.  

For Direct Admissions in SRMJEEE

  • Top rank holders of central and state board of examination are offered direct admission. 
  • The top 1,000 IIT JEE rank holders are also eligible to get direct admissions in SRM University for B.Techprogrammes. 
  • The candidates who have secured highest marks in any of the districts of Tamil Nadu are also eligible for direct admissions to undergraduate engineering exams in SRM University. 

Eligibility Criteria of SRMJEEE 2017 for Foreign and NRI candidates 

NRIs and Foreign Students are excused from appearing for SRMJEEE 2017. They will be offered admissions based on the following eligibility criteria:

For B.Techprogrammes
  •  The candidates are required topass Class 12th (Higher Secondary School) of India or equivalent examination eg. CBSE, ISCE, A Levels, IB, STPM, HSC, WASSCE, NCEA Level 3, American High School Diploma, etc. with a minimum 50% total or equivalent grade in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and a pass in English. 
  • Candidates following the American High School system will be considered if the above courses have been taken in the 11th and 12th grades or 'AP' (Advanced Placement) courses or completed the above science courses in the Bachelor's degree. 

For placements, some of the frequently visited companies are – Mahindra, Microsoft, Essar Group, HP, Amazon India, Anand and Anand, Titan Indus, Panasonic, Asian Paints, Bajaj Capital, etc.

The highest package has gone up to 32 lacs and the average package is 6 lacs.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Why We Tend To Carry Babies on Our Left

From the day we are born we entangle ourselves into many relationships but the most precious, everlasting and god gifted relationship is that with our mother. This purest form of love is a blessing for all the mammals but no one can figure out the exact reason behind it from time immemorial we have learnt that mothers nourish their child in their womb for 9 months, hence this is the ultimate reason why our relationship with our mother is the most strongest as this relation begins prior to all other relationships we develop in this world.

The way a mother loves her child is impeccable and the way she holds her child is also a bit mysterious. The scientists are keen to find out the reason behind why mothers always carry their baby in their left shoulder. The exact reasoning behind this phenomenon is yet to develop but if we study human behavior we can find that this activity is embedded in our evolution. Some researchers have claimed that there is this is directly related to our brains as it helps us to grasp the information and reaction that a baby gives and is process accordingly.

When a mother holds her baby in her arms, she does it with so much care and affection that no other place can be as safe for her baby than the mother’s shoulders. But, this biasness to cradle her baby on the left side is still not clear and thus has given a new agenda to the scientists for research.

Scientists from all over the world is researching on this topic and found this left side cradling biasness in many animals and have derived a conclusion that strengthens the relationship between the mother and her child as she can immediately respond to her child’s actions. Some authors say that left-side cradling of the baby is the best way for a mother to get connected with her child by responding to her child’s cry, laugh, yawns and many more. As holding the child on the left side helps all the responses of the child to be delivered in flick of seconds to the mother’s brain. In This way the bonding between the mother and child becomes strong and develops emotions.

Researches have proven that almost 70 to 85 per cent of women and girls have a tendency to hold the babies on the left shoulder.

New findings have suggested that sensory lateralization leads to the bonding between the mother and the child. During the research a study was carried out incorporating almost 10 species of the animal kingdom including walruses, orcas to kangaroos and it was discovered that all preferred in keeping the infants on their left shoulder.

Thus, whether we consider this phenomenon of keeping children to the left side as an evolution, preference or tendency, it does very much exists especially in women and henceforth nurtures this god gifted relationship between a mother and her child.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Zapping the Brain Really Does Seem to Improve Depression

Zapping the Brain
Marc Asnin/Redux/eyevine
A new method for zapping away depression

Ever had an ailment and wished you could throw away the agony? A new medication-free treatment for depression cases to accomplish something simply like that. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) includes utilizing electrodes to send a frail current over the cerebrum.

 It helps the individuals who are either sensitive to antidepressants or don't react well to the pills. Fortifying cerebrum tissue like this has been connected to impacts going from quickened figuring out how to enhancing the side effects of depression and quicker recuperation from strokes.

 A great many reviews have recommended the method might be valuable for everything from a mental imbalance and schizophrenia and Parkinson's to tinnitus. In any case, repeating such reviews has for the most part been troublesome, and two late examinations found no confirmation that tDCS is viable; driving some to state that the system is to a great extent a sham.

How this process helps to remove depression and other sorrows-

The brain is one monster electrical organ, sending signals everywhere on your body to let it know how to work legitimately. This strategy for treatment, now known as electroceuticals, can change the cerebrum's streams and flags, something every single pharmaceutical pill attempt to accomplish, yet have a much slower achievement rate.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS treatment, utilizes a focused on attractive field to fortify parts of the cerebrum thought to control mindsets. A gadget is put on the patient's head over this part of the cerebrum, and a curl centers the attractive field, beating an electrical current, making neurones discharge neurotransmitters accepted to mitigate misery.

Individuals who experience the ill effects of sadness have low levels of serotonin and dopamine in this locale. The chemical helps to consider activity, feeling and engine work. Breaking down these elevated expectation considers uncovered that tDCS appears to dependably enhance the manifestations of sorrow, habit and wanting, and fibromyalgia.

It likewise revealed that the system does not work for tinnitus and that the proof for utilizing tDCS for stroke recovery was not as solid the same number of had thought.

Benefits and Future development-

This underscores the most noteworthy finding of the examination. tDCS appears to have the most impact when a rebuilding of the cerebrum isn't required. Essentially energizing a few neurones in individuals with tinnitus is probably not going to do much to mitigate it. In this process, the cerebrum work disintegrated after the organization of tDCS, Concerning utilizing electric current for restoration after a stroke.

The researcher's discoveries also revealed some insight into what tDCS treatment may look like later on. The investigation recognized a man's physiology, essential components, for example, the correct position of the anodes utilized, and their specific cerebrum science.

In the event that embraced, there won't be a one-measure fits-all tDCS treatment. Rather, tDCS will be customized to people in view of the medications they are as of now taking, for instance, antidepressants that support serotonin in the cerebrum, the thickness of their skull and different elements.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Doctors Issue New Year Detox Health Warning

We have heard that almost everyone after having a heavy intake of calories during occasions or festival season opt for the process of detoxification in order to flush out all the waste from their body. This urge is especially felt amongst women. Doctors and dieticians have warned people against the ill effects of ‘detox’. Recent researches have projected that several women after going through the process of detoxification have undergone severe health issues which can even risk their life.

Detoxification relates to the process relating to herbal solutions for your health along with consuming too much of water. This is not a desired way of getting released from all the toxins which gets accumulated in your body after consuming alcohol or junk foods in huge quantity. It is not a healthy way to stay healthy. It seems very tempting and beneficial but it is not.

This reminds me of an incident where my neighbor who opted for this remedy but after a while she started to suffer from drastic health problems which made her seriously unfit and was thus admitted to a nearby hospital. Though, she finally recovered but the troubles she used to face regarding her health was traumatic and she still gets terrified to speak about it.

It is most commonly found that detoxification is pursued in the beginning of New Year as it is considered as a way to wash out all the excesses of Christmas from one’s body. But, the process is life threatening as we found in the above mentioned incident.

People opting for detox are made to drink a mocktail consisting of several herbs and some other remedies include:

  • Milk thistle 
  • I-theanine 
  • Molkosan 
  • Valerian Root 
  • Glutamine
  • Vervain 
  • Vitamin B Compound
They also made them drink lots of water, green tea and sage tea for many days.

Some of the symptoms include that the patients can collapse and can have a seizure. The level of sodium gets reduced in the body.

Researches have shown that once a man who had anxiety and also had seizures due to less amount of salt in the body was subjected to detoxification and the intensity of his illness increased after going as it included consuming of things like

  • Valerian Root 
  • Passion Flower 
  • Chamomile 
  • Passion Flower 
  • Hops
  • Lemon Balm
The current market of medicines in UK is very familiar to all and has introduced many beneficial medicines. Those who are still unfamiliar with the contemporary medicines opt for ‘detox’.

It is a wrong belief that excessive intake of water or fluid leads to purification of our by cleaning all the wastes. We should be careful enough in buying natural products as all of them are not free from side-effects. The entire process of detoxification is bull shit. There aren’t any tablets or health drinks that can completely make you free from toxins and drinking excessive water can prove out to be very dangerous. Moreover,our body has been bestowed with several organs like liver, kidney and gut that is capable of purifying you entirely.