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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Control of blood pressure

To prevent a stroke or heart attack, and reduce the damage to internal organs, it is important to establish an objective which aims to support blood pressure. Many people realize this objective through the use of physicians, pharmacists, members of their family and friends.

Antihypertensive treatment always involves changes to your lifestyle and your diet. If blood pressure of a person does not drop after the implementation of changes in lifestyle and diet, a doctor may add medication treatment effect. Even with the addition of a drug, the partnership lifestyle-diet remains a component of treatment against this disorder.

Taking a drug

Taking an antihypertensive medication will help a person to achieve the goal of targeting lower blood pressure and risk of complications associated with it.

A person taking an antihypertensive medication will not feel bound to any other. You could perhaps experience mild side effects during the initial period, when blood pressure begins to fall within the normal range, but they will most probably disappear. Your antihypertensive drug should not make you feel better or worse, and if you suffer side effects that persist, you should discuss with your doctor or pharmacist.

To ensure efficacy, it is important to:

  •     respect the time of your medication;
  •     taking the medication even if you feel well;
  •     follow the instructions of your prescriber, in most cases, for the rest of your life;
  •     renew your prescriptions;
  •     know it could happen interactions with other drugs and other substances (eg. alcohol, in some cases grapefruit juice when it comes to calcium antagonists).
If you have questions about your blood pressure medication, consult your pharmacist or doctor.
Tips for healthy eating

A judicious choice is alive and on healthy foods. This is even more important when it comes to treating hypertension.

The choice of other foods than you normally eat is a great way to try to lower your blood pressure. Whether you're at home or elsewhere, the consumption of healthier foods plays an important role in achieving the objective which aims to lower your blood pressure. Here are some tips for lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure:

  •     Limit your alcohol consumption to two drinks per day, to a maximum of 9 per week, if you are female, and 14 per week if you are a man;
  •     Adopt a balanced diet (eg. eat a larger quantity of fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals);
  •     consult your doctor or pharmacist before joining foods or supplements rich in potassium in your diet;
  •     read food labels for more information on the nutrients in the foods you eat;
  •     Reduce your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol whenever possible (eg. choose lean cuts of meat and avoid foods that contain saturated fat);
  •     less salt your food;
  •     Develop menus rich in dietary fiber;
  •     eat more whole grains and vegetable proteins.
A diet designed for people with hypertension, is nicknamed the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). This diet recommends increased consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and reduced salt intake. Therefore, it is a diet that can help prevent osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Before considering to follow this regime, it is important to discuss with your doctor.

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