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Friday, 7 June 2013

Changing Lifestyle

With each passing phase, up gradation has been taking place in every walk of life with more demands on improved life style on the rise. Gone are the days when staying connected with any individual seemed to be difficult and also expensive. Modern technology has made great headway in the field of science and has provided many opportunities and facilities to users to stay connected through mobile, skype, internet etc: within the shortest span of time. The life style of individuals has great demands with more and more sophisticated gadgets available in the market for the benefit of the user. Due to these changes in the life style of individuals, attitude and values too have undergone a remarkable change in the lives of our present generation. Cost of living is on the rise and the means to cope up with the escalating prices has also taken a drastic change. With a lot of competition on the rise, the desire to be in possession of the best gadgets in the market has been increasing. Keeping in mind the rising demands and competition, we need to instill the right attitude and values in our younger generation and the importance of need and not greed to fulfill their ever growing desire in the various products available in the market.

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