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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Crystal Singing Bowls

Some of the most unique handicrafts from Nepal and Tibet are available at online store which is presently the largest supplier of hand made Himalayan items. They specialize in Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls with individual sound samples along with pictures and descriptions for every bowl. All Crystal Singing Bowls are cleverly crafted to be durable and sturdy and vary in size from 5 inches onwards to 20 inches. Besides this, they also vary in pitch which ranges from high and clear to deep and soothing effect. The sound and the pitch depends on the size of the bowl and the larger the bowl, the longer will be the reverberating sound with a lowered pitch.

These bowls are made from 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurred element which is placed in a mould and heated to 4000 degrees. These bowls are an appropriate choice for daily meditation and deep relaxation. Its soothing sound can bring about amazing relaxation to human body and to understand the importance of sound in healing and meditation, it is essential to know that our body adapts to sound therapy in bringing about a relaxed feeling through meditation. Crystal Singing Bowls for sale are available at the site and individuals could take up these offers while they are still available and benefit from the same in cash and kind.


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