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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Planting Trees A Need Of The Hour

Let us take a look and navigate through the beautiful sight of God’s own creation in nature given to us on a platter for each one of us, either to use of abuse and pay the consequences for the same.  The mountains, hills and valley, full of the richness of beauty around and that which surrounds us, speaks volumes of  the spectacular richness of God’s free gifts to mankind.  We ought to preserve it for our future kids where presently our planet earth is at a risk of losing its resources for a safe and harmless environment.  Focus should be stressed on gardening and planting of trees for a green environment, where pollution is on the increase by leaps and bounds leading to a lot of health hazards to the people of our planet.  In our endeavor to save and preserve the resources we need to put our heads together to work out a strategy in cultivating and spreading the richness of nature, to have and maintain healthy environment

With the use of internet, we now have the liberty to choose and obtain all information which is available at our fingertips and the need to venture to any library etc need not arise.  The search engine tool can navigate the user to any portal of information with various options to the given search activity. With the resources available in nature like soil, air and water the main ingredients for a lush green environment, planting of seeds and plants can be the first step for a green environment.  If one can stop to think on the amazing mystery of sowing and growing from a seed sown in simple soil, it will be beyond our understanding to comprehend God’s creativity where humans would never be successful in competing with this task. 

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  1. Lovely post Rajkumar :) Plant a tree is the message I'm passing to everyone I meet nowadays. If you have interests in planting a tree just check the posts in my facebook blog page - .
    Thank you. Keep spreading the awareness :)


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