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Monday, 3 March 2014

Why Children Need Married Parents!

Every institute in society needs to be nurtured and cared for, keeping in mind its progress, well being and its smooth functioning. Marriage is the best institute of loving, caring and sharing which begins with two individuals who take the commitment of raising a family with love, care and devotion, sharing all the ups and downs of life, in sickness and in good health until death separates them. While on the journey of fulfilling this commitment, we tend to have our own share of tension, worry, disappointments, failures and successes when faced with situation that provide us the experience of going on with life.

From the womb to the tomb, we are faced with end number of challenges where some come out as failures while other cope up with the challenges and gain victory. Some may be slow, some fast, but with each incident in life it brings about some experience and knowledge to tackle the future. Today’s experience can be tomorrow’s history and we tend to get more knowledgeable when faced with various challenges in life. Family life comprises of various types of emotional and physical challenges which needs to be tackled with the right attitude both for the children as well as the parents.

All marriages have their fair share of good, the bad and the ugly experiences of life and it depends on the individuals how they tackle these episodes of life. Most of the loving parents are capable of handling these traumatic events when they tend to slow down and go ahead with caution taking their children’s feeling into consideration and settle for peace in the family. Children born in wedlock receive the right upbringing and even though both working parents are away from their kids for a major part of the day and they tend to have less quality time with one another, most of them do take time out to make up for the family life.

Moreover children in the family receive gender specific support both from their biological mother as well as the father where the mother nurtures and the father disciplines which is important for the development of the male as well as the female child. The children raised in a married family tend to attend college and are more likely to be physically and emotionally healthier and are not prone to indulge in bad habits like drugs or alcohol or any delinquent behaviors and the overall family atmosphere is one where each family member looks forward to.

But with the different mindset of individuals, the attitudes towards marriage and children has been changing and this commitment is slowly taking backstage resulting in many break ups in marriages where children are the most affected. Challenges in life are increasing both for the parents as well as the children and we need to take into account the changing phase that are taking place in our lives. Children born in wedlock are well looked after and cared for unlike children born out of wedlock who face a lot of rejection and negligence resulting in wrong upbringing affecting their future. They may also be prone to the wrong company ending with bad habits which can affect the society at large.

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