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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Basics Of A Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant
A career as a medical assistant might be something to look into if you like working with patients but don't like to be as involved as a doctor. You can begin looking for medical assistant career information at most hospitals or doctor's offices. There is also a wealth of information at community colleges as this is likely where you will take the coursework for the certificate or degree.

As a medical assistant, you will probably be one of the first people the patients see when they enter the office. You will perform paperwork, such as recording information about the patient's visit as well as answer phones, make appointments and file the proper documents for insurance. There are also hands-on jobs to do in the office that include giving injections and drawing blood. You will also be responsible for sending specimens to the proper location to be tested.

Attention to detail is important as you are dealing with the health of the patients. You can work in a general office, or you can work in a specialty. This might include an obstetric office where you will assist in listening to the heartbeat of the baby or an optometrist office where you will assist in vision tests.

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