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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hair Straighteners Pose Child Burn Risk

Hair Straighteners
Hair straightener threat

Joshua, who is only 10 months old is 1 out of 100 children to be admitted in hospital who suffer from burns caused by hair straighteners. The straightener fell off the table and on his harm causing a burn. It had just been switch off but was yet very hot. The burn units from the UK say that one in every twenty cases of children being admitted for child burns the previous year were due to hair straighteners. As a result, the ask parents to be cautious.

Thinner skin

Data from the database of the international burns injury illustrate that there were three hundred and ninety two children admitted in UK in the year 2015 to the specialist unit for calamities that were caused by hair straighteners.

Electrical Safety First a charity says that most of the calamities happen when children reach for or end up touching hair straighteners that are still hot. Hair straighteners and curling irons have the potential to reach upto the temperature of 235 degree Celsius and maintain their temperature up to forty minutes even after power supply is cut off. Emma Apter from the same charity stated that parents tend to run from pillar to post in the day and even though they would not prefer to add on more tasks, it is necessary to keep hair straigteners out of the way of toddlers.

We advice manufacturing companies to take into consideration steps to grant safer protective measures by granting a better way of storage for their respective products. From the Children’s Burns Trust, Paul Fuller cautioned that since the skin of children tend to be about fifteen times thinner than those of adults therefore they are more prone to have severe burns.

He also said that a burn caused to a child may require years of continuous surgeries as the toddler ages, as damaged tissue does not multiply to form a new layer of skin. Fortunately for Joshua the burns are in the process of healing post 3 weeks being in a bandage. His mother named Josie said that the doctors will keep an eye on his arm and observe if any scarring will occur.

She is now at ease as her son is now playing like before and makes use of his arm like before. She also mentioned that was in shock and immediately began panicking when the incident took place. The whole thing happened in a jiffy. She was getting ready to leave for work and had switched off the straightener and placed it on a table out of his reach.

Joshua had just began to crawl and she misjudged how swiftly he could get to the table. He ended up pulling the cord and as a result the hot straightener fell. She was not aware that the straightener could remain so hot even when they were turned off. The awareness about this should be made and spread so such calamities can be kept at bay.

Serious burns – what to do:
  • Immediately place burned area under running cold water for at least 20 minutes and get rid of all jewellery and clothes except if its melted or has stuck to the skin. 
  • Cover the area which is burnt with Clingfilm or a germ free dressing.

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