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Tuesday 14 December 2021

Progressing Within Your Nursing Career

Progressing Within Your Nursing Career

Nursing is a rewarding career. If you are not careful, you can find that your nursing career all of a sudden comes to a standstill (or a halt). This standstill could be temporary for a few months or years, or it could last a lot longer. Getting stuck within your career can change how you feel about your worth, your role, and the impact that you have on your patients (and their care). To ensure that you never feel like this, you need to focus on career progression. Not standing still is important, especially within the care and nursing industry. So, how can you progress within the nursing industry, and what steps should you take first?

Making the Decision to Push Your Career Forwards

To begin with, you have to decide to push your career forwards. If you (and you alone) do not make the decision, then you may struggle to have the drive and the determination to be successful. You need drive and determination to turn your dreams into reality, and you also need these two key factors within the field of nursing. Once you have established why you are ready for progression, you can then begin to put the wheels in motion.

Having a Goal or Target In Clear View

Deciding to progress is one thing, but now you have to focus on creating a goal or target (to which you can work towards). Without a goal or target to work towards, you may find that your career ambitions are hard to realize. You may also find that progression takes you longer than it needs to. When you set out clearly where you want to go and where you want to end up, then you can start establishing what needs to happen and by when.

Taking Your Nursing Career to the Next Level

It can feel daunting to take your nursing career to the next level; however, this is only natural. If you did not feel daunted or a little bit apprehensive, then this could be worrying, as it could show that you have lost your passion and interest in the nursing industry. To take your nursing career to the next level, you truly have to be passionate and driven. If you are lacking these two key elements, you may falter, and as a result, you may struggle with your self-confidence and self-awareness.

Shifting Your Focus and Your Attention

When you shift your focus onto progression within nursing, it does not mean that you are shifting your attention away from your patients and their care. It is quite the opposite because when you focus on progression and promotion, you work towards putting yourself in a position of change and influence. Shifting your attention and focus onto yourself and your career does not mean that you are focusing on patients and care any less, so try not to feel guilty (as difficult as this may be).

Looking At Your Education and Skillset

To get to where you want to be within nursing, you will want to focus on both your level of education and your skillset. If your education is not as strong as it can be, or perhaps not as focused, then this is what you will need to turn your attention to. For example, if you are wishing to progress within nursing to be a Family Nurse Practitioner, then you would focus your search and efforts on FNP programs because these would give you the knowledge and base you need. As well as focusing on your education, you also need to focus on the skillset you have to offer. If your skills are diminishing through lack of practice or application, then improve a priority of yours as soon as possible.

Remembering Why You Got into Nursing

When you are focusing on progression, it can be easy to forget (or overlook) just why you got into nursing in the first place. When you overlook why you got into nursing, you also start to overlook standards and patient care. Trying to remember just why you got into nursing in the first place is always helpful, as it provides the drive you need to push forwards. For example, if you wanted to make a difference in patient care, then your next career move could make that happen. Using your first-hand knowledge and experience, you may find that you are in a strong position to make tangible changes to the lives of others.

Try and Get a Mentor

Nursing is an industry where you are never alone. Seeking the support and guidance of a mentor may be beneficial to your professional life in so many ways. For example, a mentor can help steer you away from bad decisions or choices. They can also help you weigh up situations and scenarios and truly help you move forwards positively. Mentors can help you see clearly, and they can help you see the bigger picture (quite often with ease and through sharing experience).

Joining Nursing Organizations

When you are progressing within the nursing industry, you will find that it doesn’t do you any harm to join nursing organizations or bodies. These organizations can help you meet other professionals in your local area. Or, they could provide you with support and guidance in those times that you need it the most. When it comes to selecting a nursing organization to join, it is always wise to weigh up just what you are getting out of the organization. For example, are you getting real experience, or are you getting lots of statistics and facts?

Support From Family, Friends, and Colleagues

As well as turning to professional nursing organizations, you should also reach out to family, friends, and colleagues (co-workers). Shared experiences and shared feelings can help your career progression feel that little bit easier and enjoyable. Reaching out to those around you will ensure that you do not feel alone. Feeling alone within nursing is not beneficial to you or your career progression.

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