Saturday, 3 December 2016

Immediate Aspirin Advice for Minor Stroke

Aspirin Advice

Aspirin – Prevent/Reduce Further Stroke

According to researchers, after a minor stroke, a patient can consider taking aspirin immediately to prevent or reduce harm of further strokes. Scientists of Oxford University state that though doctors have already been advised to give the drug, the advantage of consuming it early has been greatly underestimated and treatment sometimes is delayed.

They have called for clearer medical and public guidelines by writing in the Lancet. NHS England states that it will consider the findings of the study carefully. Minor strokes and transient ischaemic attacks or mini-strokes – TIAs tends to take place due to interruption of blood flow to the brain. This could result in weakness to the limbs or issues with speech or vision, wherein the symptoms usually seem to disappear within some days.

However, the risk of having another major stroke with more permanent symptoms tends to be high in the days following an attack. Earlier research have recommended aspirin which plays some part in lessening this chance especially in the long run by reducing the danger of the formation of blood clots or thinning the blood. The team of scientist inform that their findings portray that most of the benefit is in the initial crucial hours and days following a minor stroke or TIA.

Advantage of Immediate Aspirin Therapy

They evaluated taking early aspirin treatment which could lessen the danger of having a massive stroke from one in 20 people each day to one in 100. Professor Peter Rothwell, lead researcher stated that the advantage of immediate aspirin therapy was greatly underestimated.

He added that they need to encourage people if they think they have had some neurological symptoms which could be a minor stroke or TIA to take aspirin instantly and seek medical attention at the earliest. Using aspirin immediately could reduce the danger of major strokes for those who tend to have minor warning signs.

Professor Rothwell informed that their findings confirm the effectiveness of urgent treatment after TIA and minor stroke and shows that aspirin is the most important component. Speedy treatment with aspirin could considerably reduce the danger as well as severity of an early recurrent stroke. The discovery has effects for doctors who should give aspirin if a TIA or minor stroke is suspected instead of waiting for the assessment and examination of the physician.

Essential to Bring About Awareness

The discovery also has suggestion for public education. Most of the patients do not seek medical help and tend to delay for some days. Half of these patients incline to have a TIA before they seem to get treatment for TIA. It is essential to bring about awareness among people to take an aspirin if they tend to have a TIA or a minor stroke like sudden-onset unfamiliar neurological symptoms, which could be beneficial in addressing this problem especially if timely treatment is not available.

According to Dr Dale Webb, Director of Research and Information at the Stroke Association states that a TIA is a medical emergency and an urgent neurological assessment needs to be pursued. The research shows that taking aspirin after TIA can dramatically reduce the risk and severity of further stroke. The findings recommend that anyone having symptoms that are improving while they have been waiting for medical attention could, if they can, take one dose of 300 mg aspirin.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Could 3D Printed Organs Be Medicine Next Grisly Black Market

3D Printed Organs
Credit:Eduard Lysenko

Shortage of Organ Transplant – An International Crisis

Global shortage of human organs still tends to prevail in spite of the world’s successful transplant that had taken place more than sixty years ago. Around 49,000 people in the UK had suffered on the list of transplant in the past years with over 6,000 people comprising of children who had lost their life due to the waiting period.

Shortage of organs for transplant has been an international crisis and one which has created some shocking temporary resolutions. In 2007, after the disclosure of China’s state sponsored system of harvesting organs from prisoners, David Matas, human rights lawyer and activist David Kilgour had recently updated their incendiary report claiming that the practice tends to continue till date in spite of the claims to the contrary by the state.

The Mohan Foundation, an NGO in India, set up to extend awareness of the illegal organ trade, tends to receive regular enquiries from prospective donors who perceive a `spare’ kidney as their way out of poverty. Iran, the only country in the world with an official organ selling program has been a state-sanctioned flow of kidneys up the socio-economic ladder from the despairing and poor to the despairing and the rich.

Bioprinting – Use of Specialist 3D Printers

However for those reluctant in entering the black market as `transplant tourists’ there seems to be some hope in the form of printed organs together with medical devices. Bioprinting is the use of specialist 3D printers in creating cellular scaffolds wherein further cells can be grown, is being utilised in producing hearts, livers, and kidneys together with other kinds of human tissue in the laboratories.

Out-dated 3D printing is being utilised in creating prototypes of all things from wheelchairs to exoskeletons. As the medical printing technologies tend to be more universal and the barriers to entry tends to get lower, an accustomed question seems to prop up on how can weensure that criminals do not begin filling the gaps in the market with low-cost, low-quality knock-offs?

Dr Bertalan Mesko, medical futurist as well as author of My Health Upgraded: Revolutionary Technologies to Bring a Healthier Future informed Wired that `the issue will not be whether these technologies could solve medical issues or whether it is affordable or whether it is disruptive enough. The question is how the bad guys would find ways of using these technologies in an unsafe and unregulated manner.

Bioprinting Mainstream Practice – Access to Technology – Good Price

Mesko is said to be a self-described optimist on the medical printing topicand his anxiety is in the slow working of the present day medical regulatory bodies. Should a 3D printing technology be attained and are disseminated quickly, then the healthcare providers would be flooding the market with inexpensive and possibly incredible treatments.

 If they tend to come up in fits and starts, then the other welfareswould attempt to plug the gap. Mesko had mentioned that as usual, there seems to be illegal means of getting organs to those in need and when bioprinting becomes a mainstream practice in medicine, then the criminals would come up with their own solutions. If bioprinting becomes a mainstream system, then anyone could have access to the technology for a good price.

If one can print out an organ established on the stem cells of the patient in a short span of time, it would be a normal element of healthcare and there would be no reason to print organs in a criminal manner. Mesko admits that in the West where most of the people tend to have access to at least a comparatively comprehensive healthcare, the patients are less possible to take risks by seeking help from organised crime or black-market organs.

Printed Knock-offs of Medical Devices

He further stated that a more reasonable scenario is that printed knock-offs of medical devices especially would start to show up in poorer countries, in the same manner counterfeit drugs presently seems to be predominant but not exclusively a third world issue.

He also added that if one is in a wheelchair in the West, then they could turn to an insurance company in order to avail an exoskeleton, which is a robotic structure around the limbs that tend to assist you to walk again. However an exoskeleton is priced at around ten thousand dollars presently. The purpose why it is so, is that in order these devices need to be approved and to be safe and regulated.

 However there could be some criminal gangs who would utilise cheap 3D printer to print parts of the exoskeleton, creating something which could do almost the same functions though without it being regulated. Those who do not tend to have good insurance plan or have no access to these innovations in poorercountries could resort to turn to these criminals. They would want to walk again though would not be in a position to approve of the methods.

Imperfection Solution Better than Nothing

This would be a position for the bad guys. Printing medical devices beside human tissues tend be an enormous specialist procedure. In the near future, the technical obstacles would buy regulatory authorities time to choose what, how and when to make the best of these disruptive technologies accessible.

Nevertheless, Mesko states that unless these technologies are made reasonable and generally distributed they would not be disruptive sufficient. Criminal alternative would seem to look more interesting if patients from poorer countries tend to learn that there are treatments accessible somewhere else and those treatments are excessively expensive.

 Mesko informs that an imperfection solution could be better than nothing at all. However when it comes to one’s own health, you would not take the risk if you learn that there are some good inexpensive solutions available to the person. Currently the reason why some of the individuals seem to risk their lives with the illegal organ market is because they get it this way or they tend to die and that seems to be the perfect option.

The majority of the individuals would be able to gain access to these technologies from traditional healthcare methods if systematic frameworks are adequately quick. However for the rest, they could always resort to search for a solution.

Monday, 28 November 2016

New Capsule Achieves Long Term Drug Delivery


Medical science has undergone massive development over the last few decades. The tag of “incurable” has been removed from many hazardous diseases. The treatment techniques have improved manifold and many new drugs are now available which have increased the lifespan of humans in general. One of the recent remarkable inventions in the field of medical science is the capsule for long-term drug delivery.

This miraculous invention by the researchers at MIT is a capsule that stays in stomach for about two weeks and continues to release its contents during its stay inside the body. This has been tested to aid malaria. Though the invention is still in cradle at present, the researchers and inventors have firm belief that it drugs can be designed to cure many other diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, HIV and neuropsychiatric disorders.

The November, 2016 issue of “Science Translational Medicine”, the researchers of MIT described a drug called ivermectin. They believe this drug has the potential to eliminate malaria.


Drugs that are taken orally are active only for a limited period of time. When the taken medicine passes through the body, they are hampered by the harsh environments inside the stomach and intestines.

The new invention of long term capsule solves all the above said problems. Ivermectin kills any mosquito that bites a person who has taken the medicine. In this way, a huge population of people, irrespective of the fact whether they are infected or not, residing in a malaria prone area, can be treated to eradicate malaria.

The research has led to the establishment of a new company, Lyndra. It is a Cambridge based company whose prime motive is to improve the newly developed drug.


In order to achieve long term drug delivery, the researchers had to make sure that the drug is designed in such a way so as to fight the harsh environment inside the stomach and intestines. The capsule is meant to break down after releasing the drug and pass through the digestive tract thereafter.

Thus, a star shaped structure was developed with six arms that are flexible enough to be folded and encapsulated inside a smooth capsule. The arms are made up of a rigid polymer called polycaprolactone. The arms are loaded with drug molecules. The arms are attached by a linker to a rubbery core that is meant to break down eventually after the drug release.

The outer layer of the capsule gets dissolved once it is swallowed, thereby allowing the six arms to unfold. After the expansion of the star, it becomes large enough to resist any force that would otherwise force it down the digestive tract. However, it does not block the digestive tract.


The drug has been tested on pigs and has been successful. It may take long before it is launched into the market. However, once it is launched, it can be easily called as one of the major milestones in the history of medical science.

Gear up for the Colder Days: Online Winter Shopping on YEPME

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Friday, 25 November 2016

What Is Cryogenic Preservation

Cryogenic Preservation

Cryopreservation – Process to Protect Body from Decay

Cryopreservation is said to be a process wherein any living cells, tissues organs or the whole body is protected from decay by storing them at tremendously low temperatures. The purpose is to reserve them for unlimited period of time till the rest of science catches up and technology is made available to revive them bringing them back to life and probably cure the condition which had affected them.

Such a type of technology does not seem to exist. As per Cryonics Institute, which is an US organization that tends to provide the service, the main focus is to provide people with another chance of life and prolong the human lifespans.

However, scientists working with cryopreservation are skeptical to work on smaller scales for research purposes. Clinical senior lecturers in reproductive endocrinology at Imperial College London, Dr Channa Jayasena commented in a statement that `it is currently science fiction to suggest that a person could be brought back to life in future even considering technological advances.

 Cryonics has risks for the patients, poses ethical issue for society, and is very expensive though has no proven advantage. If this was a drug, it would never get approved.

Three Main Steps

According to the Cryonics Institute, the process tends to comprise of three main steps when someone has been declared legally dead. At first the body is instantly placed in an ice bath and a ventilation mask is utilised to provide constant oxygen to the organs of the body especially the brain.

 The anticoagulant heparin together with automated CPR is used for blood circulation while the body temperature is monitored in order to make sure of gradual reduction. Then the body is vitrified which means that the cells together with the organs are equipped for ultra-low temperature which they will encounter.

This tends to involve replacement of the fluid in the body with injected cryoprotective agents which act as an antifreeze thereby protecting the body from facing damage of being frozen.The body is now prepared for the cold, a process of controlled cooling starts and this is the concluding step before the long-term storage and slowly further cooling of the body.

Reviving/Cure/Treat – Ailment

The body is then placed in a protective insulating bag and thereafter in a cooling box wherein liquid nitrogen is fed in at a steady pace. This process takes place gradually over many days till the body reaches a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius.

Before or after the second stage, the bodies could be transported to the nearest storage facility to complete the process. When it is ready for storage, the body is placed in a liquid nitrogen vessel which is known as cryostate and these vessels do not have any electricity and hence are not affected by any power outages. Companies tend to offer the choice of cryopreservation with the belief that science, technology as well as medicine would one day be capable of reviving patients and also cure or treat the ailment which had killed them and give them another chance at life.

 The Cryonics Institute is of the belief that it would enable people to `buy time till technology is available and thus heal and restore the human body.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tips and tricks to crack Quant Section of CAT


Master your basics if you need to clear quant section of CAT 2016. All the tricks to conquer quants of CAT 2016 revolves around the basics of quantitative aptitude. Once you are done with the basics, set yourself to solve previous year CAT question papers. In the quant section of CAT, questions are formed from the topics such as number system, geometry, simple and compound Interest, profit and loss, quadratic & linear equation, algebra, permutation and combination, ratio & proportion, time & work and trigonometry. Time management is the most important factor in the preparation strategy of CAT 2016. Without time management, you will not be able to cover all the portions which you should, in order to get high scores in CAT exam.

Quant is one such sections that can get your score up easily if you have a strong quantitative base and proper amount of practice. You can as well solve the practice papers in real exam mode i.e. by setting the time limit and atmosphere like actual CAT exam. Quant is all technical and so, there is no theoretical portion to learn or to grasp. Quant is all about formulas and practice. Solving questions of different kind can give you an idea about the application of correct formulas or theorems instantly and it ultimately helps in saving the time during the paper.

Tips and Tricks

You can try out following tips and tricks to tackle with quants section of CAT 2016:

  • Build up your basic concepts
    First and foremost, thing is to build up your basic knowledge of quantitative ability concepts. Only this can help you in solving more questions in less time. You must not skip any topic with the mind that I can skip the questions based on a particular topic. Each section is equally important and crucial. You must at least have the basic knowledge of each section so that no question goes out without an attempt 
  • Prefer a planned approach
    Make a schedule according to the CAT syllabus. Pinpoint your weak and strong areas and allot the time accordingly. Give more time or days to the weaker sections of the CAT 2016 and relatively less time to the stronger areas. With unplanned approach, it sometime happens that you miss out some of the topics or sections, but with a planned approach you can keep record of all the sections you have prepared and the ones which are still left out 
  • Watch out for Data Interpretation
    It usually happens that students take data interpretation very lightly and don’t give ample time to the said section. But this can be proved as a huge mistake, as the particular section of data interpretation needs relatively more time and practice than any other sub-section of quant in CAT 2016. So, give more time to DT even if you feel you need not to. Solve as much questions of data interpretation as you can, brush up your concepts of data interpretation. 
  • Shortcuts are superficial
     There is no shortcut to help you out in quants. Only shortcut to solve quants is clear concepts and practice work. Only strong concepts and practice work can help you out in solving questions without wasting much time during CAT 2016. Practicing all types of question gives you an insight about the nature of question and that helps you in applying the right formula and in solving the question without wasting much time. So, forget shortcuts and sharpen your mind 
  •  Little black book of learning
    Jot down anything and everything you find useful. You can make a little diary of any important formula or concept which you feel important and that there is a need for you to remember that particular formula or concept. Keep revising those notes whenever you find time to. This little black of learning can prove to be of a great help in sharpening your knowledge of formulas, concepts and definitions 
  •  Previous year papers
    Solving previous year papers is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for quants section of CAT 2016. This can give you a clear idea about the type and level of questions that are asked in CAT exam. Along with that, solving previous year papers can let you calculate the time you take to solve one question. And so, you can practice and improve your speed of solving questions. Sometimes, it happens that we do prepare and practice a lot but not in the right direction. This direction to solve right level and kind of questions that are asked in CAT 2016 is given by previous year papers 
  •  No scope for stress
    Taking stress of syllabus and time is not going to help you in any way. Stay focused and keep your cool so that your mind can concentrate completely on the preparation of quants. Stress can create confusion for you in the application of right formula at the right time, which is a very important factor while dealing with quants section of CAT 2016.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Cough Variant Asthma


Cough Variant Asthma - Dry Non-Productive Cough

A person suffering from Cough Variant Asthma - CVA is a kind of asthma wherein the patient tends to have a dry non-productive cough. With regards to other types of asthma, patient with cough variant asthma tends to have no traditional asthma symptoms such as wheezing or shortness of breath. Though CVA does not have many symptoms with regular asthma, it tends to affect the body in many related ways such as

  •  Increase the risk of emerging allergic diseases 
  •  Increase sensitivity of the airways 
  •  Narrows as well as swells the airways disrupting the flow of air
Generally classic asthma tends to have more grave consequences than CVA but around 30 to 40% of the adults with cough variant asthma seem to develop classic asthma. Hence it is important to identify the signs and symptoms in order to have a timely treatment.

If cough variant asthma is not treated in time it could progress into classic asthma and though cough variant asthma is not serious, classic asthma could be rather risky. Besides cough the symptoms comprise of difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and asthma attacks wherein the air is unable to reach the lungs owing to the narrowing of the airways.Causes of cough variant asthma is not made clear but it tends to appear after exposure to allergens, breathing in cold air, due to upper respiratory infection such as sinusitis, taking beta blockers a kind of drug which is used in treating high blood pressure, heart disease, migraine and aspirin. A connection between asthma and allergies is present and around 80% of all asthma patients also tend to have nasal allergies.

Immunology Link

Since allergies are the outcome of the immune system overreacting to a substance which should not usually result in a reaction, there could also be an immunology link to cough variant asthma. Some may be at a great risk of suffering from cough variant asthma together with the other allergic diseases. Being aware of the risk factors for this disease and if the patient is suffering from it, it could help the doctor in making a diagnosis. Some of the risk factors comprise of:

  •  Suffering from another allergic condition 
  •  Having regular asthma 
  •  Having a relative suffering from asthma 
  •  Being overweight 
  •  Smoking or exposure to cast-off smoke 
  •  Exposure to environmental or occupational irritants
Treatment for cough variant asthma is said to be the same as in the case of classic asthma though the treatment may differ and could comprise a mixture of the following:

  •  Inhaled corticosteroid or inhale anti-inflammatory drugs which tends to ease and prevent 
  •  Rescue inhalers or inhalers which tend to lessen inflammation rapidly when an asthma attack arises 
  •  Combination inhalers which combine both preventive medicines as well as fast-responding medicines 
  •  Preventive oral medications which work in keeping the airways open
The best treatment is avoiding cough variants asthma symptoms from flaring up. People who have been prescribed medication for prevention of asthma symptoms need to observe the instructions provided by their physicians to prevent episodes and to keep it from worsening. Precautions also needs to be taken to lessen the risk of developing asthma and to lower the risk, one should have a healthy weight, be aware of their personal risk factors, manage any allergic conditions correctly and quit smoking.They should also avoid cast-off smoke together with other environmental as well as occupational irritants.