Monday, 20 June 2011

The practice of yoga outside

The benefits of yoga are increased when it is actually practiced outside. The places where we may do it are endless, creating a deeper connection with the Earth.

To find the perfect place to practice, we must open the door, a yoga mat on the shoulder and set foot outside. Yoga as a lifestyle accomplished, we can connect us to Earth and perform well in the fresh air on an organic surface.

Practicing yoga outdoors has many benefits:

-Connects directly to the energy of the Earth.

-Lets focus on a different balance with slight unevenness of natural terrain stronger than a flat floor.

-Lets being in nature to put into perspective our own problems.

-Helps to store Vitamin D with sun exposure, which increases serotonin levels and the feeling of happiness.

-To breathe so much more fulfilling, with sequences of deep breaths, the air circulating in his most natural state.

The great system of classical yoga

According to yoga the eight limbs are systematized the example of the eightfold path of Buddhism, the path of Patanjali Yoga in eight limbs. These eight limbs of yoga (ashtangayoga) are generally regarded as the central system of classical yoga seen, the text is actually to find exactly in the middle of the sutras. In the 19th Century it even began, the eight limbs as Raja Yoga, be described as royal yoga.

Patanjali speaks of eight members; it is not classified as equal to pearls on a necklace. It is helpful to divide the eight limbs in three groups.

The first group comprises the first two terms as an exercise of the right action. Here are five yamas / general commandments and five niyamas / special on the life of a yogi described oriented bids.

It followed as the second group of three to five members of the exercises in preparation for meditation. Patanjali is called asana / posture, pranayama / breath practice and last pratyahara / withdrawal of the senses.

In the center, however, is the last group of five to eight members, the three moments of meditation. Meditation begins first with Dharana / Concentration. Any form of meditation increases with the concentration on one subject began. The activities of the mind, in the everyday consciousness itself once on this time and focus on the now concentrated on this one subject. Only to focus does not mean to meditate. It is important that the second dhyana / release added. Through dhyana meditation is only for meditation. In dhyana is about the letting go that let things happen, the dedication.

The concentration is relaxed, but not to the extent that the mind can drift again and again is pulled from one object to another. On the contrary, meditation means a concentrated release, the refinement of concentration. Dharana and dhyana, concentration and detachment, belong together. They form two sides of the meditation process. In a profound transformation process dissolve the tension, addictions or emotional bondage, so that an inner clarity in which breaks up the experience of inner union in Sanskrit called samadhi, the third moment of meditation and the eighth and final member of the eight limbs of yoga.

The group of the last three terms, so the meditation plays in the overall system of yoga, the decisive role. According to Patanjali are the last three terms of the inner core of all yoga meditation exercises. The original meaning of the commandments of action only lights up when they are no longer seen as external instructions, but as the meditation exercises. Even the seats are transformed into a meditation when sitting in a meditative serenity and stability.

The breathing exercises can be described as a meditation if you breathe in a meditative awareness. And even if the yogi withdraws the senses from the world and is internalized, it always comes to practice for her to open the inner core of meditation. The action in the world, sitting, breathing, such as the withdrawal of the senses from the world, all of these exercises, the Eightfold Path have their innermost core of meditation.

Yoga is meditation. Or vice versa: only by an exercise is practiced as a meditation, it is to yoga. Only when the practitioner realizes the two moments Dharana Dhyana and when he body-as well as the practice of breathing exercises in concentration, while in serenity can be spoken of yoga. Only then, and only then, there is the possibility that samadhi breaks, the force of the true self, the experience of union in the inner center.

By now the basis of Patanjali Yoga was established as a meditation on who could build all the other developments in the aftermath of yoga to this day.

The essence of yoga

Nearly 3,000-year history of yoga has developed an almost immeasurable diversity of forms of exercise. Today, most notably the physical exercises (asanas), the breathing practice (pranayama) and meditation of hatha yoga. But the yoga of action '(karma yoga), the yoga philosophy' (gnana Yoga) and the yoga of devotion '(bhakti yoga), as described in the Bhagavad Gita, one of the great classical paths of yoga. From these traditional ways is countless yoga styles have developed that is shaping the landscape of today's yoga. What's this variety of exercise forms the fundamental principle of connecting everything?

The special feature of all yoga practices is set out in the basic principles of yoga analyzed Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with great clarity. Patanjali speaks of the coming together of active exercise (abhyasa) on one side and passive release (vairagya) on the other side. This sounds contradictory. How could one be both active and passive? If this was so easy, but you'd need not take long and persevering practice yoga. In the beginning, especially the practice is too important to be active to begin with practice and they also stay the course.

At the beginning of the practice is strenuous. Then it is to cultivate the release: dissociation from making, letting go in practice. Yoga is really only if it is possible to realize both aspects of practice and letting go simultaneously. The exercise is focused and concentrated awareness in this calm and relaxed. Practice and detachment come together, if the practitioner makes less and wear more and more leaves. In the compound of abhyasa vairagya and awakens the experience of power in the facility, we practice and experience to the practice that we are supported by a larger energy. This force is now in the ease in the body, breath, being experienced in the mind but also in everyday actions.

To get there is the magic means: repetition. With yoga, it's like brushing your teeth. It helps little if it does not regularly. The regular repetition of the yoga practice has the ideal way to reach deeper into the awareness and to preclude the power of focused calm.

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