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Monday 20 June 2011

The practice of yoga outside

The benefits of yoga are increased when it is actually practiced outside. The places where we may do it are endless, creating a deeper connection with the Earth.

To find the perfect place to practice, we must open the door, a yoga mat on the shoulder and set foot outside. Yoga as a lifestyle accomplished, we can connect us to Earth and perform well in the fresh air on an organic surface.

Practicing yoga outdoors has many benefits:

-Connects directly to the energy of the Earth.

-Lets focus on a different balance with slight unevenness of natural terrain stronger than a flat floor.

-Lets being in nature to put into perspective our own problems.

-Helps to store Vitamin D with sun exposure, which increases serotonin levels and the feeling of happiness.

-To breathe so much more fulfilling, with sequences of deep breaths, the air circulating in his most natural state.

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