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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Yoga, what is it?

Yoga is relatively new in the Western landscape, but it is well established. It may take courses in recreation centers and health clinics in both cities in the region - courses aimed at children, the elderly, people with stress, healthy, pregnant women, to Athletes ...

Is that yoga has characteristics that are appropriate for many. The courses are usually in groups, in a safe, non-competitive. Yoga requires no special skills. It makes almost instantly mental and muscular relaxation. In the medium term, it develops flexibility and helps treat many musculoskeletal problems. Regular practice seems to help alleviate serious health problems and promote better overall health.

A part of a whole

Developed in India over many millennia, yoga (in its broadest sense) is a comprehensive method of personal development and a science of spiritual practice. It includes several dimensions, the main ones being the following.

* Devotion (bhakti yoga)
* Right action (karma yoga)
* Knowledge (jnana yoga)
* Health and concentration by lifestyle and postures (hatha yoga)

Yoga classes posted on bulletin boards and in newspapers more often relate to the latter dimension, hatha-yoga. Its role in the traditional spiritual path is to discipline the mind and keep the body in optimal health so that the person can think better and longer.

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