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Tuesday 9 August 2011

MUDRA - Sacred gestures

The word Mudra is often translated as gesture, symbol or again by "seal". A seal is done to protect some something precious and mysterious. The practice of Mudra
invites us to make contact with this reality and valuable mysterious of prana, the light energy that flows in the body.

The Sanskrit root comes from two words. The first is "mud" meaning delight or pleasure. The second is "thick" meaning "Give birth", produce, generate, trigger.
The Mudra offer sign language, meaningful and bearer of consciousness. Mudra means a state of conscience or a process taking place inside of consciousness. Mudra movement as it wants conscious. The practice of Mudra is also a way to give rise to states of consciousness us, as well as emotions, physical sensations, emotional, mental and even spiritual.

The main difference between the ordinary movements of daily and Mudra is for that you put in each of the gestures that are asked. Mudra performed with a consciousness has healing powers. Just think of their power to comfort. It is connected to the movement and momentum of our heart. The Mudra is a very powerful tool that can change the respiratory rate and induce specific mental and emotional states. Regular use of Mudra brings: deep relaxation, inner peace, joy, stimulation,
concentration and relaxation.

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