Thursday, 29 November 2012

What to do for tension headaches?

The stress that literally sits on your neck is a reason for headaches. If you feel stressed or anxious your body sends the signal- Your breathing becomes shallow and you sink together in you which show your body is weakened. Every one experiences stress and differently. It may suffer health over time and the symptoms can be chronic. According to the research done on headaches, there are more than 200 types of headaches and the most common are the tension headaches and migraines. The tension headache comes primarily from muscular tension that results from poor posture, fatigue or stress.

But through yoga you can train your consciousness and let go of to one specific part. During the headache you should give more and powerful dynamic yoga practice to get rid of headaches. To get better relief from tension headaches you can do specific yoga exercises for the neck and shoulder area. Gomukhasana ( Cow’s head ).


* Sit in the heel seat or sitting cross-legged.

 * Inhale and lift your right arm up over your head and let drop your palm with the next exhalation, on your right shoulder blade.

* Inhale, then take your left arm to the side and turn the palm to the rear. With the next exhalation, bend your elbows and try now with your left hand to grip the fingers of your top hand.

* Please be very careful and find the point between too much and not enough. Be sure to keep your head straight and erect the spine.

 * Try to keep this position for five deep breaths and calm.

* With a gentle exhalation you solve your hands carefully

 Wishing you for a headache free time!!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tips to choose a good gym to achieve bodybuilding goal

     When choosing a gym cannot afford to search because it could make you fail to reach your bodybuilding goals. The gym you will greatly determine whether you will succeed in bodybuilding. There are various factors that you must consider before settling on which gym you become a member. Do not go to a gym especially just because your friend is a member there. You need to evaluate your needs before choosing a gym so it can be more convenient for you. If the gym which is not convenient for you, could not make you to enjoy yourself when training is going on.

    You must consider the locality of the gym. For an athlete constant practice plays very important role in determining his fitness. The location of your gym should be close proximity with your home so that you can practice daily without fail. When choosing the gym you should look at the facilities of the gym. The more the equipments the gym has the better your training will be. When you are using variety of equipments and facilities your body building progress will be fast hence you must choose the gym that have state of the art equipments. Before selecting the Gym you have to consider the cost of membership.

    You must carefully evaluate the membership fee so that you should not burn your pocket. If you think the nearest gym in your locality is more expensive then you settle for the one whose fees are nominal. You should choose a gym which strictly follows the safety rules for the prevention of injury. A good gym should have adequate personal trainers and instructor. A personal trainer will be more helpful to prevent any personal injuries while using wrong techniques. A personal trainer can able to advice you and speedup your body building program. Check your gym offers any group sessions because group sessions motivate a person and you can learn new training techniques and tips in the group session practice.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Yoga for irregular heartbeat!

Doctors recommend yoga for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and particularly atrial fibrillation. Heart rhythm disturbances are with irregular heartbeats. Heart rhythm disturbances are not always pathological, but may also occur in healthy people. Atrial fibrillation is the most common of this kind. A long-term irregular heartbeat can lead to an increased risk of stroke, increased heart palpitations, anxiety or even fainting.

In the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with medications or in the worst case can be treated with a pacemaker. A new study by the American College of Cardiology has now been found that yoga can make a significant contribution to alleviating the symptoms. Many already know that Yoga is very beneficial for stress, high blood pressure and many other social diseases of our time. The current study, however, is new in the sense that it is the first study to specifically illuminate patients with atrial fibrillation and the effects of yoga. The study found that a consistent yoga practice helps the symptoms of an irregular heartbeat, and the reduction of anxiety and depression in humans, in whom atrial fibrillation was diagnosed, improved.

 "These results are important because many of today's conventional treatment strategies for atrial fibrillation invasive (tissue injury) procedures or medications have undesirable side effects. The success of these therapies varies greatly and is often only modestly effective in the fight against heart rhythm disorders. It seems that yoga has a significant impact to positively regulate the heartbeat and so improve the overall quality of life. "Given the low cost, safety and efficacy of yoga, the authors recommend the study yoga in the overall strategy of treatment for heart rhythm disturbances in consideration pull.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Vipre Antivirus (2)

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