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Thursday, 29 November 2012

What to do for tension headaches?

The stress that literally sits on your neck is a reason for headaches. If you feel stressed or anxious your body sends the signal- Your breathing becomes shallow and you sink together in you which show your body is weakened. Every one experiences stress and differently. It may suffer health over time and the symptoms can be chronic. According to the research done on headaches, there are more than 200 types of headaches and the most common are the tension headaches and migraines. The tension headache comes primarily from muscular tension that results from poor posture, fatigue or stress.

But through yoga you can train your consciousness and let go of to one specific part. During the headache you should give more and powerful dynamic yoga practice to get rid of headaches. To get better relief from tension headaches you can do specific yoga exercises for the neck and shoulder area. Gomukhasana ( Cow’s head ).


* Sit in the heel seat or sitting cross-legged.

 * Inhale and lift your right arm up over your head and let drop your palm with the next exhalation, on your right shoulder blade.

* Inhale, then take your left arm to the side and turn the palm to the rear. With the next exhalation, bend your elbows and try now with your left hand to grip the fingers of your top hand.

* Please be very careful and find the point between too much and not enough. Be sure to keep your head straight and erect the spine.

 * Try to keep this position for five deep breaths and calm.

* With a gentle exhalation you solve your hands carefully

 Wishing you for a headache free time!!!


  1. Thanks a lot.. I do have headache when my exams are going on.. This is because of tension.. I can't sleep and study hard.. Hope these tips work for me!!

  2. Anything for backaches? :)
    will keep flying by for more, now that I discovered your amazing blog and helpful tips! :)


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