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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Yoga and Baby Massage

Infant massage is an ancient tradition in many countries, usually perpetuated through the generations from mother to daughter. This practice, based on the principle of nurturing touch, help your baby develop healthy throughout his life. The origins of infant massage are from Indian and Swedish traditions and they have the principles of yoga and reflexology.

 It is true that massage is truly a moment of shared happiness. It brings benefits to both parent and baby massaged. It helps stimulate and strengthen the child all systems (circulatory, Gastrointestinal, respiratory, immune systems, ....).

 Minor injuries subside, calm baby, colic and constipation are relieved, and his sleep is promoted. It will also stimulate arousal and give a better perception of his body. One of the biggest benefits is probably the attachment relationship between parent and baby.

 The touch is the first language, you massage to your baby will help him to express your love. More parents touch and caress their baby, the more it develops the art of loving and share. Strengthen your parent-child attachment; solidify your sense of Competence by learning to know him better and better interpret his gestures Facial expressions and sounds. So you transmit confidence and security to your child. More interaction is greater, the more your child will maximize its development Physical, emotional and social health.

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