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Sunday 9 January 2011

Inner Light

Many people, when autumn comes, feel rather melancholy, if not completely depressed. It is well accepted that the lack of sunlight affects our morale. But have we asked whether this state is due to the low autumn light or if it's because it is caulked at home? By analogy, is there not a similar phenomenon with people who lack a sort of inner light? Would not it their mind that obscures their psyche by closing all windows of the soul by negative thoughts?

Similarly, we talk about environmental pollution that causes the disease. And it's very much a reality as there are unfortunately in our body as many chemicals to eliminate all these bottles and plastic bags that pollute our environment. But if we continue by comparing the visual pollution to the pollution by bad thoughts, we can say: "Stop you fill out the clutter inside yourself." The only way to get rid of those bulky plastic, it's good to burn. Similarly, the only way to eradicate the malaise is to consume the dark thoughts simply by calling us feelings of light. To do this, open the windows to the soul expression. Sometimes you say, it's very difficult, especially because of loneliness. It is less cumbersome to wear that has a spiritual life, who spends part of his time to meditation and contemplation, drawing on people who enter a monastery, agreeing to do the mourning, their material life.

Certainly, we are here confronted with a form of solitude. But it's nothing compared to that of the soul, confined in the prison in which the mind the cloister. To not be locked, it must avoid being self-centered, it should stop the ideas take us back to ourselves and instead try to find something that is useful to others while using what we really are. Participate in humanitarian work, volunteering.

If you do not succeed, that your doors and windows remaining closed, then it is best to consult a psychologist, but not any. Looking for someone who has a lofty vision of the human being, a spiritual vision. See may be as someone who happens to be what came out in your subconscious. Because it is difficult to find what is wrong deep within themselves simply by doing relaxation by internalizing or thoughts through meditation. Yet nothing more important in periods of ill-being than asking who you really is. And since there is a link to health, the daily practice of interior contact can certainly help us make better health and also brighter.

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