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Thursday 5 May 2011

The benefits of yoga in all phases of life

Yoga discipline is millennium old from India made a dramatic entrance in the West for over half a century and today more than ever its overall health benefits are touted everywhere! The various campaigns have understood and use pictures of yogi practicing postures to promote the merits of such product or service for your happiness and serenity!
If yoga can contribute inter alia to improve the heart health and cardio-respiratory, reduce musculoskeletal disorders, to treat insomnia, headaches, depression etc....
It is worth remembering again and again, as Swami Sivananda often said: "An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory".
So let's see how the sets while Yoga is suitable for practice in all phases of human life and integrate into a lifestyle most beneficial at any age. A pregnant woman has any advantage from the first trimester of pregnancy Prenatal Yoga practice specially tailored for this so beautiful and intense period of our lives. Much on the physical, psychological and emotional, pregnancy and childbirth are an adventure with many disruptions to a human body. Yoga, working all aspects of being in its entirety (to join), then linger through postures to relieve back, sciatic nerve, prepare the pelvis and the pelvic floor, but also prepare the expectant mother through breathing, relaxation, visualization and meditation to confront the great day of birth with more serenity and awareness.
From an early age the toddler will engage in certain yoga postures imitating an adult and remember that without knowing it, his wonder in the moment, its concentration and its application in the game are all of Yogi Attitudes.
Yoga is not only limited to gymnastics physical postures but rather a quality of life and knowledge of self, seeking the union between body, mind and spirit; it is a tremendous gift that is made to a child than to initiate it early this wonderful discipline.
Yoga adapts to each person and not the other way and it is the teacher to adapt the practice based on age but also the physical condition, possible limitations, morphology and health person.
According to the teaching classical yoga of Patanjali, the Viniyoga emphasizes the fact that to bear fruit, Yoga must be adapted appropriately to each.
Elders will also be able to safely engage in this discipline and then we will practice more often with a chair and adapt the postures to meet the inevitable changes that the time printed on the body.
One thing is certain: to maintain a daily physical activity helps maintain a healthy body and serene mind!
Everyone can indulge in the postures of Hatha Yoga, no need to be very flexible as a gymnast or an Olympic athlete, provided one chooses the form of Yoga and the type of education that suits us Always double check the experience and training of teacher, to be guided properly to their well-being.

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