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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Doing Yoga in Outdoors Increase vitality

You aspire to greater vitality, less anxious, calmer, relaxation and serenity while being more fit and having better sleep ... You can experience the power of breathing, postures and meditation to restore balance physically, emotionally and mentally and create the best conditions for your wellness. Learn to release tension, increase your energy, creating a vacuum through the practice of yoga. These proven techniques also help for concentration, memory and can improve your overall health.

What I invite you to discover today what are the yoga sessions in open-Air, with asanas and pranayama, meditations specially selected for their energizing or soothing effects, also to facilitate rooting and centering.

Practicing yoga outdoors can be in direct contact with the Prana (Energy ubiquitous in a broad sense), to unite nature, cosmic and telluric energies, to harmonize with water, earth, plants, animals around us, feeling really that Union with the Almighty!

Our experience and practice yoga find it to be meditative and relaxing more quickly, thereby accentuating the benefits of postures, improving our concentration and contemplation (exterior as interior), to really be here and now.

Each outdoor activity can offer us the opportunity to unite with the Universe, relax, energize ... meditate on the incredible beauty that this planet has to offer.

The practice of meditation outdoors we also open new horizons and opportunities unique to the world and connect us to the present. It is even difficult to put into words all those feelings, since these benefits are a matter of personal, profound and often indescribable! Meditation techniques help us explore our inner landscape with smooth, that of our mind, our emotions to take the time to discover a unique and special. These moments provide an opportunity to cultivate friendship with oneself and the world as it is. Thus, we will become more available, more in tune with oneself and others.
If you also have the opportunity to live a meditation retreat of yoga or a few days, enjoy the unique and often is offered where words and silences will alternate for your greatest healing and wellness. Far from the usual obligations in this environment, you will experience preferred Yoga, as a Union of all dimensions of being and unity with the entire Universe!

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