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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Additional uses of Burdock

According to Dr. Jean Valnet, the root must be used fresh, not dried, otherwise it would lose most of its properties. Which limits the use in the spring and fall. To prepare, boil 60 grams of fresh root in a liter of water for ten minutes.

Moreover, one can also prepare it for dyeing. In France, there is an extract of burdock stabilized, but to my knowledge, there is nothing like here.

The fresh leaves were applied as a poultice against chronic lung disease, colds and rheumatism towed, soaked in olive oil, they would hasten the healing of leg ulcers and wounds in general.

They were also used to prevent hair loss. It manufactures a lotion made by boiling a cup of leaves in two cups of water. We pass, allowed to cool and apply on the scalp. Is it very effective? Probably not, but unlike conventional treatments that are not either, at least it has the advantage of being free.

In 1890, the Sisters of Providence in their Materia Medica wrote that "according to recent experiments, made by a distinguished physician of the EU, the seeds of burdock are a true specific against diseases of the skin, even the most inveterate" . To prepare the remedy, we spent two or three times in a coffee mill 450 grams of seeds and were then added to a gallon of warm whiskey. Were allowed to "digest" in a warm place for several weeks making sure to stir every day, then filtered. The dose of one tablespoon three times daily before meals. It was necessary, they said, take several months but the outcome was assured. Or, we will prepare a bitter burdock and Aral, purifying properties proved. The great burdock (Arctium lappa) is much rarer than the Burdock (Arctium minor), found it, throughout Quebec, particularly in vacant lots, the land disturbed by recent culture, etc.. It can also be cultivated. Richter's sells seeds of burdock common, as well as a variety of Japanese, in addition to being tastier, have potent antitumor properties.

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