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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Burdock - Its role in the ecological balance

"Weed awkward and cumbersome to enact Brother Marie-Victorin, which is not acceptable anywhere. "It's quite the view of my neighbor, who suggested, very gently indeed, cut all the plants that grow on my property and put them through the ultimate sacrifice of fire. If he were to discover that I grow in my garden, it would eventually ruin my reputation, already compromised by the fact that I absolutely refuse to mow the wild plants growing on the roadside along my property as all good citizens of the region. By the way, in the language of plants, burdock means "intrusiveness."

With great intelligence botany, the plant has developed three ways to disseminate its seeds. Let the fruit come together in platoons as the wind rolled on the floor. They either remain on the stem and eventually open up to spread their seeds. But the third is by far the brightest: clinging to fleece animals - including the tails of cats and dogs - or to clothing and hair of humans, they travel to places gratos sometimes far removed from their place of birth, places the plant will be quick to colonize the detriment of all other plant species that have no chance against his fierce competitiveness. It's like that, it seems, we conquered territory.

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