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Thursday 1 December 2011

Yoga For Runners

Yoga is a known ancient activity that promotes physical development among different kinds of people. Among the various benefits of yoga routines, yoga has a fair share for athletes specifically among runners. Famous for activities that involve stretching of the muscles, runners are highly inclined to practicing yoga routines.

Runners may choose Yoga as part of their regular exercises. It does not only improve physical strength of the muscles but also improves the overall physical well-being of a runner. Physically wise, Yoga improves balance, flexibility and endurance of the body particularly along the hips, thighs, back and knees. On the
other side, Yoga also replenishes the oxygen that circulates within the body, resulting to a more relaxed and refreshed state of mind, leading to a more balanced concentration and thinking. Here are some more specific benefits of yoga for runners.

With religious practice of yoga, runner's body can take it as regular exercise for their muscles specifically along the thighs, hamstrings and all other leg muscles. Runners utilize these body parts most of the time. Through Yoga, you will be required to do stretching, extending your flexibility and agility. As you
stretch out your muscles, strained tissues are being loosened up and settle down as you cool down.
Muscles being pulled up and loosened gets refreshed and re-energized. With properly relaxed muscles, runners will surely improve his endurance to running and will avoid possible injuries. When muscles are worn out, it usually breaks down and could further lead to injuries if left disregarded. Furthermore, Yoga postures improve balance as it corrects the alignment of joints which may have been
injured during running or marathon. A more relaxed muscle will endure more shocks and pain during running session. Regular taking of Yoga improves bone density as tissues and cells regenerate gradually. With all those stretching routines, muscle pain and injury along the injury prone zones will be avoided.

Yoga routines greatly improve breathing techniques and encourages proper intake of air. When you run, you tend to use up so much energy, such that you will end up needing more air than usual, and this could prompt speedy breathing. With Yoga practice, you will be able to manage proper breathing practice and cope up with running without risking oxygen intake.

Runners usually consume more energy when they run, and this could also prompt improper heartbeats. To sustain energy consumption, runners could develop cardiovascular ailments if the heart is not prepared for long running activity. But with the help of Yoga, runners can adapt well with running goals and keep their heart healthy by using proper breathing techniques taught by Yoga sessions.

Yoga has more benefits for runners, more than what have been listed in here. Not only it improves physical well-being, but also relaxes the mind. Yoga improves confidence and focus on physical activities such as running. When you are concentrated on whatever you do, you tend to achieve your goal in the most efficient way. Just make sure that you keep your self hydrated at all cost during Yoga sessions.

Keep a healthy balanced diet in as much as balanced exercise through Yoga.

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