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Friday 30 December 2011

Six "alarm bells" vis-à-vis our cell

There is no doubt that the cell phone is really convenient. It provides a safety net basis, the possibility of instant communication with others - and with the emergency services - if necessary. But it does pose problems of health or safety of being so hyperconnected during such long periods? Rather than falling into the panic of "What if ..." remain connected to the 6 following concerns related to cell phone use and health.

Alarm tone: tumors and cancer

In fact, your cell phone is a phone. This is a radio transceiver that emits radiation at low power. Cell phones are glued against our ears, our cheeks and our neck and expose us very close to a field of radio waves. But to take a radio close to our heads expose us there to enough radiation to cause tumors or cancer?

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that it is unlikely that exposure to radiation from a cell phone "to induce or promote the development of cancer." WHO will review a significant amount of scientific research on the subject, but the report will not be published until 2010.

It is difficult to measure the impact of exposure to cell phones since it takes some cancers more than 10 years to develop and that the statistics on the use of cell phones that have exploded in recent years. Some recent research, however, managed to identify users over 10 years and have established a possible association with tumors and brain cancers. The heat generated by the cell and the proximity of radio frequencies emitted were suspected as being the origin of tumors of the head and neck, and salivary glands, for example. Despite inconclusive results, many health experts favor the precautionary principle.

Alarm tone: Child Safety

The adage "Prevention is better than cure" is especially true for children who use a cell phone. A child whose brain is still developing, whose tissues are softer and thinner thickness of the skull, may indeed be more exposed to penetrating radiation than an adult. This coupled with the fact that children today tend to use their cell phone over and over again, and getting younger, the health risk, if any, could increase. There is still no conclusive data on the dangers of cell phones and children's health, but many researchers recommend limited use of this device as a precaution.

Alarm tone: impaired driving

It is not surprising that several U.S. states have banned cell phone use while driving: the act of driving by talking to his cell may have consequences as serious as driving while intoxicated. This is true whether it's a cell phone or the method of supposedly safer hands-free. It appears that the lack of attention may be a bigger problem than not having his hands on the wheel. You are caught in a telephone conversation, your attention is divided between listening, formulating your answers, the talking and the road ahead.

Alarm tone: contamination

British researchers have stained the reputation of cell phones in the world when they published the results of their swab tests with the wireless devices. All this accumulated heat from the phone, our skin, our mouths, or from our pockets, briefcases or handbags when we put our cell phones, can create a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause the common cold, an infection staphylococcal or even meningitis. But do not press the panic button! The presence of bacteria does not necessarily lead to infection; just regularly clean the surface of your phone to keep it clean.

Alarm tone: insomnia

There is no doubt that a ring or an unwelcome phone call could keep you awake all night, but cell phones can cause especially for insomnia. In a sleep study, it was found that participants exposed to wireless signals for three hours, took longer to fall into deep sleep another group not exposed to these signals. Some also reported headaches. It may be that the cell is as responsible for the sometimes grumpy teenagers, because it was found that excessive use of cell phones by teenagers tended to promote agitation and sleep disturbance.

Alarm tone: Infertility

While the cell phone minutes spent in increasing the sperm count decreases. At least, that according to research published in the Journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Compared to other men, who are accustomed to talking on the phone more than 4 hours per day had an average number of sperm and also lower a lower number of viable sperm. However, although this can not be excluded, these researchers are continuing their research to determine if electromagnetic radiation is the cause of this decline in sperm production or if lifestyle and other occupational factors may be involved.

A common sense
  • Use your cell phone only when absolutely necessary and prefer the phone if possible.
  • Stay away from the phone. Even a few inches between your body and your phone may reduce the risk.
  • Try the hands-free system, such as headphones or loudspeaker function.
  • Try the headset, such as those using Bluetooth ® technology. These systems emit less radiation than traditional cell phone held to your ear.
  • Buy a phone that emits less radiation. You can find on the internet the emission of radiation from cell depending on the brand.
  • If you are a parent and you plan to provide a cell phone to your child, keep in mind the concerns of health and safety for young people. Do not forget, either, that the cell phone is more than just phone and ask yourself if your child is able to responsibly manage a phone, a camera, a wireless internet connection and a system of text messaging. Think about how complex it can be to monitor the use of these tools.
  • If you're in your car and you must make a call, take the time to withdraw from the lane to your call in a safe location.
  • Close your cell phone to make sure not to be disturbed while you sleep.
  • To keep a certain distance between your body and your cell phone, do not carry your phone in your pocket or belt.

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