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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Nutrition unbridled

The facts

We are getting busier and our pace of life is accelerating every year. As we are overwhelmed, we may not always eat as well as we should. Skipped meals or taken at irregular hours, stress and lessen your resistance to colds and flu.

At home, 18% of people do not eat in the morning, or simply a tea or coffee. The greatest numbers of people (23% to 27%) that go to eat in the morning are men and women aged 20 to 45 years. People do their shopping once a week and a still prepare meals according to the same 10 recipes. Men and women spend only 18 unmarried and 24 minutes each day to prepare their meals. Over 65% of women used the evening meal in less than 45 minutes during the week, 48% of them plan the meal the same day, and 10% at the last minute.

The solutions

Choose healthy foods ready to serve

The prepared foods allow people to hectic lifestyle to have a nutritious diet. To make fast food, but nutritious, try:
  •     prepared salads,
  •     Canned beans,
  •     spreads like a puree of chickpeas,
  •     roast chicken (do not eat the skin)
  •     flavored tortillas for making wraps.

Fold out about healthier snacks

If you skip meals, snacks, then take a greater importance. Among the good snacks rule:
  •     yogurt, fresh or dried fruit,
  •     Vegetarian pizza cold
  •     the V-8 cold
  •     grains out of the box,
  •     milk - even chocolate milk is acceptable,
  •     crackers and peanut butter or cheese.

Choose the healthiest foods in the restaurant

When we are overwhelmed we often resort to fast food or we take our meals at the restaurant. In these circumstances, make healthy choices such as:
  •     potatoes in the oven topped with chili,
  •     burgers grilled chicken,
  •     salads topped with grilled chicken,
  •     the fruit platters served with whole wheat buns,
  •     a vegetarian pizza,
  •     seasonings, butter and mayonnaise served on the side,
  •     milk instead of soda or coffee.
Then the iron and vitamin C in your diet

An adequate intake of iron is of particular importance for women. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue. Lean red meat is not only the best source of iron, but its absorption is easy. Other foods are rich in iron include:
  •     fortified cereals (eg. Cream of Wheat)
  •     beans,
  •     peas,
  •     dried fruit,
  •     leafy dark green.
It is best to consume iron-rich foods with foods rich in vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron. Choose:
  •     orange juice,
  •     strawberries,
  •     kiwis.

Keep your water balance

Your need for fluid increases progressively as the pace of your activities is accelerating. You may feel tired if dehydration settled. Try to drink 6-8 glasses of fluid per day. Take:
  •     herbal tea,
  •     water
  •     fruit juice,
  •     clear soups.
Limit your caffeine intake. Make an effort to drink only two cups of coffee a day!

Take advantage of these tips for meals:
  •     Avoid skipping meals,
  •     Be bold with respect to food preparation!
  •     try at least one new recipe a week
  •     integrate the preparation of meals in your business not to make a race against time.
Consider these possibilities:

  • please have cookbooks that offer good tips to prepare quick, nutritious meals that many family members can make or set off themselves;
  • find a grocer who could deliver to you every week all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It would be a task within your busy schedule.

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