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Friday 2 March 2012

Take control of your cancer risk

Knowing which lifestyle has had an impact on cancer risk worldwide is important, but do you know what habits really have an effect on your life?

To begin, review the list of modifiable risk factors and think about your lifestyle. Remember, these are the risk factors that you can correct. This list will help you recognize with satisfaction the decisions beneficial that you have taken in the past and those that are not good for your health. Be honest with yourself, it's important.

Do you weigh more than you should? Do you know what your body mass index (BMI)? Do you smoke an occasional cigarette? Do you exercise regularly? Do you know the difference between moderate alcohol consumption and problem drinking?

If you are not totally honest with yourself, your case is not unique. According to a recent survey of New Yorkers, only 39% of obese adults described themselves as obese. If you only have a few extra pounds right now, they are perhaps not a problem. But, if you win one or two books every year and you promise yourself every time you weigh yourself you will lose them during the summer, you will reach an overweight will eventually become a major health problem.

If you smoke a cigarette from time to time, you may think you do not run the same risks as smoking hardened. However, even if you smoke "only in the company" you should be aware. Even a light smoking (1-4 cigarettes per day) can have serious consequences for your health because your risk of dying from lung cancer and other disorders is increasing.

But there is a difference between acknowledging that you could change some aspects of your lifestyle and make these changes. After all, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Take new lifestyle can be very difficult. You formed those habits over the years and it could be that you have trouble understanding how they affect your risk of cancer and how to change.

If these risk factors and their impact blindside you, talk to your doctor.

And the next time your doctor will ask about your lifestyle - whether you smoke or if you're exercising regularly - say frankly. You may feel embarrassed at the idea of
​​admitting that you have habits that are not always very good for your health, but your doctor is keen to help and not judge you. When it comes to getting help to make the necessary changes to reduce your risk of cancer, your doctor is a valuable resource - but it can only help you if you explain the aspects you would like changing. The ostrich policy has no beneficial effect on health.

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