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Friday 13 April 2012

Why is this important?

Why is it so important to reach your target cholesterol levels? Because an effective reduction in cholesterol levels can save lives! Lowering cholesterol helps reduce the risk of heart disease or certain complications of heart disease (heart attacks and deaths from heart disease). Leading cause of death in Canada, heart disease accounts for one third of all deaths.

For each decrease of 1.0 mmol / L of your blood LDL-C, you decrease from 20 to 25% your risk of heart attack or dying from heart disease. Therefore, it is important to minimize your LDL cholesterol: the higher your rate is low, the better!

How far to go for reducing LDL cholesterol? Read the section Setting goals should be to find out what your cholesterol target. Talk to your doctor about your treatment goals and ask how to evaluate the success of your treatment.

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