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Sunday 10 February 2013

How to Get a Flat Stomach!

Life is busy, and it seems to be getting busier all the time. Especially to the Christmas holidays. The holidays are a time of stress and nothing is worse than seeing family and having an old aunt tell you that you look "healthy" or grandma saying'' you have eaten well lately.'' Ring bells for you? The facts are that the women vote consistently a flat stomach the sexiest man on a feature. Men are evident in some of our responses to these surveys, but feminine with a slim waist is still high in the issue of attractiveness. Now, how to get your place in the scale of attraction? The energy you put into your body as food can do one of two things first one get used up (2000 approx kcal / day for women) or get stored.

 Fat is the reserve that the body stores energy for the long term that is why it is so much of a pain to lose. So for fat loss, you need to put in less energy that the body uses so it burns stored fat belly. Eat less food, easy right? Not really. If you starve your body while it is locked in survival mode and think you're in a famine and clings to every bit of stored energy it can. This means that your metabolism slows down and your waistline is important. Now, exercise is probably the easiest way to do this recommended check out a little slow metabolism faster and it is a great solution if you have time, mindset and drive to go with it. Most people need to see quick results from a weight loss program in order to see that goal of a flat stomach finally comes closer to reality.
 You can lose pounds without exercise by manipulating your metabolism through the right combination of foods and meals. Some foods when consumed can greatly slow your metabolism. Metabolism cannot be bent to the high speed furnace fat when it is a bit confusing. You need the right foods in the right combination at the right time. You can harness the power of your hormones like insulin, cortical, growth hormone and thyroid hormones for fat loss good and not evil belly expansion. My friend, a hairdresser charged with no time to exercise and no time for a good lunch in the day lost 8 pounds in less than two weeks according to a fairly simple land kept metabolism on high octane calorie burn duty without Nutrition supplements or tablets. No counting calories and no exercise required. And it is revolutionary fat busting method.

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