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Friday 31 May 2013

A Good Morning Drink!

Good health is Wealth and the best way one can maintain it is by having a balanced diet combined with good amount of exercise and regular intake of liquid. Nature has a lot to offer us by way of medicine for the many ailments we may come across in life and knowledge on the effective results could prove to be very beneficial to individuals. Did you know that a combination of carrots, beetroot and an apple blended together, could help most of the diseases we suffers due to ignorance of the remedy we have in store for us in nature? This drink prevents the development of cancer cells thereby restraining cancer cell growth. Besides it also helps in preventing heart attacks, lowering high blood pressure and strengthens the lungs. It is also good for eyesight, detoxifies, assists bowel movements and strengthens the immune system. Being highly nutritious, it does not have any side effects and is effectively absorbed by our system.

 This drink can be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach for good results and should be consumed while it is freshly made. Breakfast can be followed after an hour of consumption of this nutritious drink. For speedy recovery one can also consume this drink before sundown and benefit from it. Water too a free gift of nature does have many effective results in the overall flushing of our system which can wash off all the impurities within. We could use these gifts of nature using it for the right purpose and intent helping in bringing about a healthy living, free from all ailments with its multiple uses. The results pf this effect drink can be envisaged within two weeks on consumption of the same.

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  1. Very interesting - I might try this out. Has my favorite fruits and veggies :)


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