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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Amazing Remedies present in Nature!

Most of us are unaware of the natural medicinal value present in nature without any impurities or side effects. The consumptions of these naturally provided fruits, plants and nuts can give us the much needed remedies to the various ailments we tend to come across in life. Moreover these products being nature’s gift to mankind are free from adulterations or any type of impurities. To start with, the Walnut has a left and right hemisphere, lower cerebellums and upper cerebrums and has the look of a brain where the wrinkles and folds on the walnut are just like the neo cortex. Walnuts are helpful in developing more than three dozen neuron transmitters for the brain functions. Carrots – A sliced carrot resembles a human eye with its pupil and iris together with its radiating line and helps in enhancing the flow of blood to the eye as well as its overall function. Tomato – has chambers and is red while our heart too has chambers and is red. Tomatoes are loaded with generous amount of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant to eliminate dangerous radicals which can damage DNA as well as other fragile cell structure. Grapes when hung together in cluster, has the shape of a heart and each grape resembles a blood cell. Grapes are known to be profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

 Kidney Beans which have the exact replica look of our kidney, actually heal and helps to maintain kidney functions. Bok Choy, Celery and Rhubarb has the looks of bones and these food, targets bone strength. Our bones are twenty three percent of sodium, and these foods have a fair share amount of sodium needed for our body. At times when the body is not equipped with the required amount of sodium, the body derives the same from the bones which tend to become weak. This food compensates for the requirements of sodium for the body. Sweet Potatoes resembling the pancreas help to balance the glycemic index of diabetes. Olives assists in the overall health and the function of the ovaries. Onions looks like the body’s cells and helps to clear impurities from the body cells. Besides this, they also produce tears in our eyes which wash the epithelial layers of our eyes. Its companion Garlic also helps to eliminate waste matter and dangerous free radicals from our body. Taking into account the various remedial values given to us in nature, we could strive to use them in maintaining our health and avoid the stress and tension of any ailments in life


  1. Nice and indeed informative...Todays world has become so much dependent on artificial remedies that we overlook natural remedies..

  2. Informative one :) Nature is a gift from God. But we use it rarely being unaware of its values.

  3. Beautiful image! Medley of temptation!


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