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Sunday 2 June 2013

Home Remedy For Heart Ailment!

People suffering from heart blockage need to consider this remedy and save themselves from additional stress of undergoing an Angiography or a Bypass surgery. With the combination of 1cup each of ginger, garlic and lemon juice, together with a cup of apple vinegar mixture which is needed to be boiled for 30 minutes on a medium heat. The contents need to be cooled and mixed with 3 cups of natural honey which can be stored in a bottle. A table spoon of this mixture taken early in the morning before breakfast, can give amazing result and open the blockages in the heart of the individual. We have a variety of options to rectify our ailing system and the sooner we get to know the importance of nature’s remedies around, the sooner can we journey on the road of healthy living. Individuals are put to excessive stress in the present world with hectic schedules to cope up with together with the added burden of pollution in the atmosphere which can lead to various ailments inflicting our system. Taking a break from these hectic schedules seems a remote wish and we continue to trudge through it all when our system seems to take a stance and bring us to a halt when we have reached our limits. We as individuals need to take time off in considering and taking heed of ourselves and take corrective action in a timely manner in maintaining our health and preserve our God’s given software with amazing packages to utilize it in the best possible way


  1. My father had suffered from a stroke earlier this year. I hope this helps him..


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