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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Amazing cure for Dengue Fever

Inhabitants of this planet earth have been blessed with natural remedies which are freely available in nature for the various ailments we come across in our lives. Gaining knowledge on these remedies can be very beneficial when afflicted with the disease. A natural cure for dengue fever is the juice of papaya leaves which are available in nature and the need to visit a chemist and purchase the medication is not needed. All the plants, fruits and vegetable have their own ingredients of restoring us back to our normal health but with little knowledge on its medicinal benefits. Sharing and imparting knowledge could also save other individuals for suffering and restore them back to their normal life and sharing is caring for our fellow beings.

 It is a known fact that the papaya leaves when crushed and the juice extracted from it, can increase the platelet count which drops when a person is afflicted with dengue fever. The papaya leaves has cooling effect and helps to reduce the level of heat in a dengue patient relieving them of the fever with amazing speed and restoring them back to their normal health. Besides dengue fever, this amazing juice is also helpful in case of sore throat or person suffering from heat. Bringing about this awareness in natural remedies could help in restoring many lives back to their normal health. This remedy is natural without any side effects and is freely available given to us by God for a purpose and we should take advantage of the same.

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