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Monday 22 July 2013

Helpful facts for minor ailments

You will be surprised to know that Mouthwash can help to eliminate fungus in toenails since it contains disinfectant and antiseptic ingredients. Person suffering from fungus can soak their feet in Listerine mouthwash twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of the fungus growth in toenails and obtain relief from the same. Listerine has also helped in eliminating dandruff and blisters where the same is dabbed on the blisters twice or thrice a day and then let to dry out. Olive Oil which is rich in Vitamin E is an excellent skin moisturizer and helps to cure painful Eczema. Headaches are caused due to tension giving rise to clenching of the jaw resulting to this ache. This can be eliminated by holding a pencil gently between the teeth which will help the jaw muscles to relax and ease the headache.

 If one is suffering from foot odor, Vodka can be used for treating the same since it contains alcohol, an antiseptic drying agent which destroys odor causing fungus and bacteria while drying out the moisture that enables these organisms to grow. Minor skin ailments especially oily skin can be treated with tomatoes since they contain a generous amount of antioxidants, acidic contents, vitamin A and C. For treatments, a small tomato can be smashed into a pulp and applied to the affect area or the face and left for an hour, washed thereafter with warm water and tapped dry. This process can be followed once a day for a week to get amazing results. Hiccup spasm can be stopped by swallowing a teaspoon of sugar when it occurs. By doing so, the sudden sweetness on the tongue helps to overload the nerve that ends in the mouth and stops the hiccup. We could pay heed to these useful tips in our daily life and benefit from the same.

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  1. Pencil treatment is novel for headaches. i am going to try that one. Very useful tips Rajkumar


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