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Tuesday 1 October 2013

Depression In Today’s World

How depression affects our life!

The Bell Jar: A book by Sylvia Path described depression in a way no one ever has. What is a Bell Jar? When a jar is closed and all air is taken awayfrom it, it becomes impossible to breathe and all is lost! World Mental Health Day 2012 chose to highlight the theme of depression this year. Mental and emotional health is a major part of our lives and the aim to create awareness was successfully spread on this day. To begin with why depression is such a big deal: The World Health Organization revealed that more than 350 million people across the globe suffer from depression!
One in five women and one in ten men are affected by depression. The WHO predicts that depressive disorders will rank as the first leading cause of global burden of disease by 2030!
What are the underlying symptoms of depression? Loss of pleasure and interest, low energy levels, guilt feelings and low self-worth, decreased activity, inability to sleep or eat, lack of concentration are some of the most common symptoms. These feelings may be experienced by most of us in our everyday lives but it poses as a threat when it becomes chronic and recurrent and hinders in a person’s ability to lead a responsible life.
What’s the worst that can happen? Depression has been said to lead to increased risk for suicide. More than a million people across the world die due to suicide each year. The ratio of each person committing suicide to each person who attempts to end their life is 1:20.
What can be done? Early recognition of symptoms and regular care can ease the problem and help the person to get treated. Such strides in the development of Mental Health has been made that there can be easy access to medication, psychotherapy and community support which coupled with support and care from family members and friends can help the person cope better and faster.
Why wait? It is not accurate to say that symptoms should be recognized only when they emergeand treatment should be followed up with. Most of the common causes of depression are relationship issues, work overload, stressful lifestyle, unhealthy eating and drinking habits, etc. These are the causes which are avoidable. What can be done to avoid this? Regular physical exercises, walks, yoga and meditation practices act as stress relievers. Music acts as a therapy as long as it’s soothing and relaxing to the mind. Avoiding alcohol and other unhealthy habits can help decrease stress. Combatting the signs of depression can be done as long as the individual chooses to.
A large proportion of the population in India suffers from depression, most of which is undetected. This is majorly because families and societies deal differently with all forms of mental illnesses and not just depression. It is ironic to notice that what can easily be identified and recognized and can be treated with counseling and medications is let to reach a severe level where it takes a very serious form and has a shocking and life altering effect on the person’s life. Awareness is the answer. Acceptance is the key. Shame and stigma should be removed. This can happen only when we start. Change begins with us!

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