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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Treating Tardive Dyskinesia

According to the Doctors; presently tetrabenazine is the only approved drug in treating this and other movement disorders which is a dopamine depleting drug though the related VMAT2 inhibitor, reserpine have also been used in small double blind placebo controlled trial treatment for this ailment. Clonidine is also considered useful for treating TD though the dose limiting hypotension and sedation could affect it usage while botex injection could be useful for minor focal dystonia but not in the case of advanced tardive dyskinesia.

An effective treatment for TD is benzodiazepines but its use is limited to the development of tolerance which may need an increasing dose of benzodiazepines that could be used to reduce its symptoms. The most favored benzodiazepine for treating this disorder is clonazepam while vitamin B6 has been considered as an effective treatment for this ailment in two randomized double blind placebo controlled trials. The preventive measures can be achieved by lowering the dose of neuroleptic for the shortest period.

Due to a number of other medical and neurological conditions prevailing that may cause uncontrollable and strange body movements, it is essential to pay heed to the history of treatment with antipsychotic before the diagnosis with TD since a number of other muscular and neurological conditions could also cause uncontrolled body movements which may also include Parkinson or Huntington disease and strokes. Hence it is essential that the victim with uncontrollable movement should discuss the symptoms with the physician for effective treatment.

People suffering from tardive dyskinesia can be socially isolated making them feel disabled due to this disorder which could lead them to the risk of dysmorphophobia and at time even to the extent of committing suicide. Situation which could be stressful could result in dyskinetic movements but with adequate relaxing and sedation, one can reduce the intensity of the symptom in these victims.

Recent research done on the use of melatonin, high dosage vitamins and other different antioxidants with antipsychotic drugs, was used as a preventive treatment for tardive dyskinesia though further research is also needed since it is reported that the percentage on the development of TD among individuals has considerably reduced than the current rate for those taking antipsychotic drugs.

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