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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Baker’s Cyst – Fluid Filled Swelling

Baker’s Cyst
Baker’s cyst also known as popliteal cyst is a fluid filled swelling which develops at the back of the knee and is caused by a problem connected with the knee joint or the tissue behind it. When excess of the fluid at knee joint is compressed by the weight of the body between the bone of the knee joint, it tends to get trapped separating from the joint forming the fluid filled sac known as Baker’s cyst which is so named after the physician, a British surgeon, William Morrant Baker, who originally described this ailment. Swelling may be due to pain in the knee and calf area or a buildup of fluid all around the knee, or could be occasional locking or clicking in the knee joint, though it may have no symptoms besides the lump. In some rare cases, a Baker’s cyst may also tend to burst or rupture resulting in fluid leak down in the calf which can be very painful accompanied with swelling and redness in the calf.

Causes of Baker’s Cyst

Its causes may be due to sports related injury or blow to the knee leading to Baker’s cyst though it may be caused due to a number of health conditions like osteoarthritis caused usually with age related to wear and tear of joints which may affect the hands, hips, knees and big toe. It could also be due to rheumatoid arthritis which is a less common though crippling type of arthritis and the same is caused by the immune system affecting the joints. Gout is another type of arthritis, which usually affects the big toe, leading to the buildup of the waste product uric acid in the blood. This ailment is more common in women than men probably since women are like to develop osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Baker’s cyst usually affects people over forty years but it can also affect people of any age group including children.

Physical Therapy or Surgery

The person suffering from this ailment should consult their physician if the cyst causes problems and does not seem to disappear. On examination by the physician, Baker’s Cyst can be diagnosed and confirmed by imaging test which can be done either by ultrasound, injection of contrast dye in the knee followed by imaging which is known as arthrogram or MRI scan if needed. Further test may also be advised to check out more serious condition like a tumor or aneurysm which could be a bulge in a section of a blood vessel. The fluid could also resolve with removal of excess fluid in the knee in conjunction with cortisone inject while medication is at times given to eliminate pain and inflammation.

Physical therapy or surgery is recommended as the most appropriate options in case of cartilage tear or other related internal knee problem. In the surgical operation, the swollen tissue known as the synovium which is responsible in the formation of the cyst is removed which is done with arthroscopic surgery. Knowledge on various ailments is often essential and an awareness of disease which can affect anyone should be brought about for precautionary measures and timely treatments. At Dream Health one will get useful information which could be very beneficial to the viewer, so stay tuned for more health related news.

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