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Friday 6 June 2014

Learning Disability – Group of several Disorder

Learning disability is a term which includes several areas of functions where a person may face difficulty in learning which is usually caused by unknown factors. Learning disorder, learning difficulty and learning disability are often used interchangeable but are different in several ways. While learning disability may refer to significant learning problem with regards to academic, it is however not enough to warrant an official diagnosis, learning disorder on the other hand can be an official diagnosis wherein the individual could meet a few criteria which are determined by a psychologist, paediatrician etc.

 The difference lies in frequency, degree and the intensity of the reported problem and these symptoms should not be confused. Learning disabilities refers to a group of several disorders determined by inadequate development of specific language, academic together with speech skills which may include reading disability known as dyslexia, mathematic disability – dyscalculia and writing disability – dysgraphia. The disorder which affects the brain’s ability in receiving and processing information is the unknown factor and this disorder could cause several problems for the person in learning quickly or in the same manner as a person without the learning disability.

Various Challenges

People with this disability tend to face many problems in performing specific types of skill or in completing task if left by themselves or if taught in a conventional way. Individuals could also have unique challenges to face which could often be pervasive. Interventions and present technologies could be helpful based on the type and severity of the disability which could help the person in learning strategies that may lead them toa successful future.

 Interventions could be quite simple while there are others which could be complex and intricate. The current technologies may require student training for effective classroom supports. Parents together with teachers and the school could make their contribution in creating plans which can bring about intervention and accommodate in aiding the student in the learning ability and towards a successful future as well as an independent learner.

Learning Disability – Mild/Moderate/Severe

Learning disability could be mild, moderate or even severe and people with mild learning disability can talk easily and to some extent independent though they may take a longer time than usual in learning new skills. Some others may not be able to communicate at all and may suffer from several more disabilities. There are some individuals with learning disabilities who are independent while there are others who need help in their daily tasks but it all depends on individual abilities. Some of the learning disabilities are diagnosed at birth like Down’s syndrome while others may not be recognised till the child is old enough to walk or talk. Once a person is diagnosed with learning disability, the physician can recommend specialist support according to their need which may include paediatrician, speech and language therapists, physiotherapist, educational and clinical psychologists.

Disability associated with Cerebral Palsy/Meningitis

Learning disability occurs when the development of a person’s brain gets affected which could happen either before they are born, during their birth or in early childhood and the factors affecting their development could be that the mother may be ill at the time of pregnancy, the unborn child may develop certain genes, problems during birth which may not send enough oxygen supply to the brain, parents may pass on certain genes to the unborn child or known as inherited learning disability, or it could be illness like meningitis or an injury which could have occurred in early childhood. At times, there is no known cause for learning disability while condition could be associated with this disability like cerebral palsy.

Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

Individuals with Down’s syndrome have some sort of learning disability as well as people with cerebral palsy. Autism individuals may also have learning disabilities with around thirty percent of the people suffering from epilepsy alsotend to have a learning disability.

When a person has more than a single disability the most significant being learning disability, a diagnosis of a profound and multiple learning disabilities – PMLD is used. Those individual who have been diagnosed with PMLD may also have a physical or sensory disability, mental health difficulties or complex health needs and would need the help of someone with their daily functions of life like eating, support in going to the toilet and washing.


Children with learning disability can also be successful in life if proper support is extended towards them. Encouragement with the right motivation should be administered provided with positive thinking which can make their learning experience fruitful with desired results.

Learning disability could differ in every person and parents being the main support could identify the problem in their children and strive to seek help from professionals who can guide them in overcoming this disability and face a bright future with hard work and determination, inspite of the hurdle faced, in the form of learning disability.

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