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Thursday 2 April 2015


Campylobacteriosis – An Infectious Condition 

Campylobacteriosis is an infectious condition which is caused by bacteria of the genus Campylobacter that are a group of bacteria causing food poisoning. It occurs when the food or water is contaminated with germs or microbes, poisons or toxins, or chemicals that are consumed. These microbes include bacteria, viruses and parasites. Campylobacter germs or bacteria are found in raw meat especially in raw poultry like chicken, turkey etc.

Thoroughly cooking of the meat tends to kill the bacteria. Campylobacter germs may also be found in unpasteurised milk or untreated water while occasionally, mushrooms and even shellfish may contain campylobacter. Pets which may include dogs and cats together with other animals could also get infected with campylobacter who could be carriers of the bacteria.

People who are affected with this condition suffer from diarrhoea, cramping, fever with abdominal pain within a period of two to five day after exposure to the organism where the diarrhoea could be blood with a feeling of nausea and vomiting.

The person’s illness last for about a week. In some cases, the infected person may not show any symptoms while in the case of persons with compromised immune system; this condition tends to spread occasionally to the bloodstream causing serious life threatening infection.

Spiral Shaped Bacteria

Campylobacteriosis tends to take place more frequently in summer than in winter and the organism is secluded from infants as well as young adults more often than from person in other age and from males more than women.

The organisms of campylobacter are spiral shaped bacteria causing disease in humans as well as animals and though most of the human sickness is caused by a single species, known as campylobacter jejuni; it could also be caused by other species as well. These species grow best at 37 degree centigrade to 43 degree centigrade and the approximate body temperature of a bird which is 41 to 42 degree centigrade seems well adapted to birds that tend to carry the bacteria without getting ill.

 The bacteria are delicate and cannot tolerate drying or survive by oxygen. They tend to grow in places where there is less oxygen in the atmosphere and freezing could reduce the campylobacter bacteria on raw meat.

Antimicrobial Therapy

In some cases food poisoning is the typical symptom of this disease and if the symptoms are mild, medical help may not be essential, though in some situations, medical help may be needed. A check is undertaken for signs of lack of fluid in the body, the consumption of what has been taken to diagnose the condition. Besides examining the abdomen for any tenderness, the temperature is also checked together with the pulse and blood pressure.

Campylobacter is diagnosed usually after the sample of the stool is tested in the laboratory.Most of the people suffering from Campylobacter tend to recover without much treatment and it is advisable to consume plenty of fluids till the diarrhoea lasts. For patients with severe disease or with at high risk of severe disease, antimicrobial therapy is essential, like those with immune systems severely weakened from medication and other sickness.

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