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Thursday, 22 October 2015

How Avi Yaron Invented a Cure for His Own Brain Tumour


Avi Yaron Invented His Way Out For a Cure – Brain Tumour

An Israeli start-up founder and student, Avi, Yaron, in 1993, probably had the luckiest accident of his life that of a motorcycle crash which rushed him to a hospital.

He had been informed by the doctors that they had also discovered a brain tumour close to the area connected to movements and conscious thought. The doctors had told him that inspite of being operated upon; the tumour would change his life, possibly leaving him paralysed down on one side of his body.

However though Yaron would live, his life would be changed forever, mentally as well as physically. Yaron had informed WIRED2O15 at London’s Tobacco Dock that he was in a state of shock but was sure that the doctors were honest and open to him. It was then that he planned to invent his way out for a cure. He decided to fight for his life.

He informs that he went to the medical library and began learning anatomy, biology and every time he thought that he comprehended and took a step forward, he was hit and took two steps backward. The most awful part was that people around him thought that he was insane.

Problem Lied in Scopes Utilised for Brain Tumour Operation

Impulsively, Yaron felt the strainof his previous life, of studying and running two start-ups had be the result of his illness. However he was unable to prove it so he decided to force himself to sleep four hours at least a night, improve on his diet and reduce coffee consumption. On making these changes he was of the belief that the tumour would reduce.

However every four months he had an MRI done and each time it indicated that the tumour had grown. Compelled to go through surgery, he began to recover though the follow-up scans portrayed that the tumour remained. Doctors informed that the technology to eliminate it completely did not seem to exist.

Yaron stated that the problem lied in the scopes utilised for brain tumour operation, the instruments which enabled doctors in viewing in the brain, had to be small. At that point to be too small in order to see in three dimension which would give the doctors the potential of removing the tumour completely.

Creation of Visionsense

Yaron commented explaining how he created Visionsense and spent nine years processing a new scope which was inspired by the structure of insect eyes to view into the brain in 3D. That choice comprises of hundreds of thousands of tiny, micron-sized components which collectively develop live 3D images for the surgeons while they operate.

Studies are now beginning to portray these 3D images could make real difference to success rate of surgery however, other research is in progress. Yaron has said that now the technology tends to work and save thousands of lives worldwide.

After working for 17 years with the company, Yaron is not with Visionsense, but has not completed inventing his way out of medical issues. He is now focusing on turning back to his old lifestyle and his instinctual belief that his strain could have been due to his illness.

He debates that what is needed are new tools which would enable doctors to monitor wellness constantly providing actionable statistics right from happiness to depression.

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