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Wednesday 13 January 2016

Dementia Loved Ones 'Benefit from Visits'


Social Interaction – Beneficial for Dementia People

One may have to face immense responsibility as well as pressure in taking care of someone affected with memory loss disease. The symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are often painful to witness when it tends to affect our near and dear ones.

Research recommends social interaction with loved one could have a long lasting emotional benefit for those suffering from dementia. Though the physical or explicit memory of an experience with a loved one tends to disappear, the benefits which are the feelings of familiarity, comfort, happiness and comfort tends to remain for some time.

A Dementia charity experts states that spending time with ones loved ones suffering from dementia is very important even if they tend to fail in recognizing the faces of their family and friends. From a survey conducted it was observed that 42% of the community are of the opinion that there is no point in keeping in touch with them at this stage of time.

 However the Society of Alzheimer states that family visits tend to stimulate feelings of happiness, security and comfort. As the condition seems to progress, it is said that people suffering from dementia could still hold on an emotional memory.

Visit/Indulge in Activities they Enjoy

The charity requests people to visit friends and relatives with dementia, regularly and help them to indulge in activities which they tend to enjoy. In another survey by the charity of 300 people who had been affected by dementia, around 54% had stated that they were rarely or no longer taking part in any social activity and about 51% had informed that having someone to help them in getting involved would make them less lonely.

Around 64% had informed that they felt isolated after their diagnosis. Chief executive of Alzheimer’s Society, Jeremy Hughes had commented that `after spending time with friends and family over festive period, New Year could be a bleak and lonely time for people affected with dementia as well as their caretakers.

It is essential for those suffering from dementia to feel connected all through the year. Spending time with their loved ones as well as taking active part in meaningful activities could help tremendously in having a powerful and a positive impact inspite of the fact that they do not remember the event itself.

Right Support Helpful

People are urged to get in touch with the society or visit the site to get to know how they could get help to stay connected with their support service across the North-East and make some improvement in their lives. A survey of over 4,000 members of people indicated that 68% still tend to visit their loved one with dementia who no longer seems to recognize them.

 But the charity states that the people’s busy lives often seems to mean that they do not manage to follow up on the good intentions, thus leaving several of those living with dementia, with a feeling of being isolated. In UK there are about 850,000 people who have been suffering from dementia.

With the right support, people with this condition could live a happy life and continue to indulge in activities they seem to enjoy like meeting friends which could eliminate some of the loneliness and bring about some joy and happiness in their live.

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