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Monday 21 March 2016

5 Modern Fitness Myths Busted !

Fitness is of prime importance at a time when people ignore exercises and focus only on work. It has to be remembered that a strong body can only propel a strong mind. A lack of exercise and importance to physical fitness will have negative impacts in the long run. However, once you get into the groove of exercising, there comes several myths that bog you down and change your course of training.

All these myths have been passed on for several years and are only fears of athletes amplified to an extent that people avoid doing certain risky things. Here we bust 5 myths of modern fitness.

1. Massages Help Recover Quick after a Workout

It is believed that massage aids in the flow of blood through muscles after a good workout. But, that is just a thought. The reality is quite different. A research has shown that there is inflammation and muscle damage when a massage is done after a workout.

The damage chances increase exponentially with passage of time as well. It is good to go for a shower and take rest rather than go for a therapy session. Use nearbuy offers to get exciting offers on gyms in your locality and work out at your convenience.

2. Too much of endurance is bad for your heart

The long distance runners and walkers usually hear this. There is prevailing thought that ‘too’ much endurance is bad for health, heart in particular. However, research suggests otherwise. There is confirmation from researchers that runners who do more than 40 miles face little chance of heart attack than runners who do 5-10 kilometers.

Running is good for cardio health and it is recommended to take health supplements after a tiring run to get back the energy lost. You can try Healthkart coupons for supplements at an affordable price with discounts.

3. All workouts should be of high intensity


There is a prevailing thinking that every workout that is done must be of high intensity. However, this is not the case. According to a recent study, it is found that alternating between mild, medium and intense workouts build a strong physique that lasts for a long time without injuries.

4. An endurance athlete need not life weights

This is something that is usually thought to be true. A runner thinks that he/she need not lift weights and only have to be quick enough to beat challenges. However, the need to lift weights is of prime importance and you must try to do that at least 3 times a week for staying on course to be a successful runner.

Squats, bench presses and dips with weights will aid heavily in shaping your physique and giving the body you need for prime performance in endurance.

5. Juices are the best way to get nutrients into the body

The existing thought that juices are the best way to get the essential nutrients that a body needs is completely unheard of. You do not need to go for fresh fruit juices once you are done with the workout to get all the benefits of a workout.

Fruits have their place in supplying the essential nutrients to the body after a good workout. But that doesn’t mean that they are the only things needed for a nutrient shot.

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