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Friday 13 May 2016

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Get in the Pool

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Swimming – Relaxing Activity with Health Benefits

There are different types of swimming pools for residential use some of which have been built-in, indoor pool or lap pool which have been built for enjoyment as well as for health benefits. Besides being a relaxing activity, swimming also has plenty of health advantage. In the 1985 movie `Cocoon’ by Ron Howard, a group of elderly adults had found that a pool nearby had the power to instil them with renewed strength enhanced energy as well as with a more youthful sense of health. Swimming provides something which no other aerobic exercise does and the ability to work your body without any harsh impact to your skeletal system.

When the body is immersed in water, it automatically tends to get lighter and when it is immersed to the waist, the body seems to bear just around 50% of its weight. When submerged to the chest, that number reduces to about 25 to 35% and with water all the way to the neck, one only have to bear 10% of the your weight and the other 90% is managed by the pool. This could mean that the pool tends to provide an ideal place to work out the stiffness in muscles and sore joints, if one tends to be overweight or have been suffering from arthritis.

Swimming – Increases Muscular Strength/Muscle Tone

With regards to the right type of exercise for people suffering from arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation has recommended those that stretch muscles, those that strengthen muscles as well as those that offer an aerobic workout and a few laps in the pool have all these combinations. If the pool tends to get heated, it is better for arthritis people since the warm water could be helpful to loosen the stiff joints. People with rheumatoid arthritis tend to obtain better benefits to their health after hydrotherapy when compared to other activities. It has been proved that water-based exercise tends to improve the use of affected joint, decreasing pain from osteoarthritis. Swimming tends to increase muscular strength as well as muscle tone compared to the other aerobic exercises.

Swimming – Strengthen Heart

Running for instance, s jogger takes a few laps round the track, is in fact only moving his leg or body in the air. A swimmer on the contrary is pushing his body through water which is a substance around twelve times as dense as air, which means that every kick and arm stroke tends to become a resistance exercise. It is a known fact that resistance exercises are the best way of building muscle tone as well as strength. Swimming has also shown improvement in bone strength especially in post-menopausal women. Since swimming seems to be an aerobic exercise, it tends to strengthen the heart in not only helping it to get larger, but also in making it well-organized in pumping. This leads to a better flow of blood in the entire body. Research has also indicated that aerobic exercise can fight the inflammatory response of the body also which is a main link in the chain leading to heart disease.

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