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Thursday 7 July 2016

Indian Doctors Grow New Nose on Boy's Forehead


Indian Doctors Supplanted New Nose Grown on Forehead

Indian doctors have supplanted a new nose that was grown on the forehead of a 12 year old boy whose nose had been damaged. The nose of Arun Patel was damaged and disfigured when he was afflicted with pneumonia while a baby and the infection had damaged the cartilage of his nose which made it difficult for the doctors to repair it. An identical operation had been done in 2013 in China where a man had been given a new nose which had been damaged in a traffic accident.

The parents of Arun had taken him to a doctor in their village in the central state of Madhya Pradesh immediately after birth when he had been suffering from pneumonia. However, with the treatment his condition got worse and he lost his nose owing to wide tissue damage. The village doctors having no medical training had injected his face which resulted in the damage of the tissue.

Over a decade later, a group of doctors in Indore city planned to conduct a rare four phased plastic surgery to provide a new nose for Arun. The Indian doctors had performed this amazing procedure on Arun Patel’s nose which had disappeared after the tissue had shrivelled and died owing to the treatment of irresponsible doctors.

Rare Surgery Performed in Four Phases

Dr Ashwini Dash leading the surgical team informed S Niazi of BBC Hindi that he was `confident that the new nose would work properly like his other organs’.He added that the complete operation took around a year to finish.The doctors first reconstructed the nose on his forehead before it was implanted to its precise place. This rare surgery had been performed in four phases over a period of one year.

In the first phase, a silicon `tissue expander’ had been placed on his forehead in order to make space to grow a new nose and a special chemical had been injected for the expansion of tissues.The second phase comprised of taking the cartilage from his chest to develop a new nose that grew on his forehead over a period of three months with a good supply of blood where the tissue began to develop, before it was removed and implanted on his face.

The artificial nose had been removed in the third phase by the doctors and implanted on his face and the final phase of the process involved repairing his forehead. Owing to an unusual plastic surgery, the nose was reconstructed on his forehead before the same was transplanted in place.

Normal Rhinoplasty Difficult

Dr Ashwini Dash leading the surgical team stated that the procedure involved many stages and a normal rhinoplasty was difficult on his face since his nose had virtually disappeared. Hence it was intended to perform a special plastic surgery on him, which medically is known as `pre-fabricated forehead flap rhinoplasty. Doctors stated that they would have to observe the implant of his nose carefully in case further operation would be essential.

Arun informed MailOnline that he was overjoyed with the results. He also added that he was too scared to see himself in the mirror and would always walk on roads with his head down. In school, the children would be afraid of him and made fun of him and that on getting a new nose, it was like getting new life.

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