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Friday 18 November 2016

Cough Variant Asthma


Cough Variant Asthma - Dry Non-Productive Cough

A person suffering from Cough Variant Asthma - CVA is a kind of asthma wherein the patient tends to have a dry non-productive cough. With regards to other types of asthma, patient with cough variant asthma tends to have no traditional asthma symptoms such as wheezing or shortness of breath. Though CVA does not have many symptoms with regular asthma, it tends to affect the body in many related ways such as

  •  Increase the risk of emerging allergic diseases 
  •  Increase sensitivity of the airways 
  •  Narrows as well as swells the airways disrupting the flow of air
Generally classic asthma tends to have more grave consequences than CVA but around 30 to 40% of the adults with cough variant asthma seem to develop classic asthma. Hence it is important to identify the signs and symptoms in order to have a timely treatment.

If cough variant asthma is not treated in time it could progress into classic asthma and though cough variant asthma is not serious, classic asthma could be rather risky. Besides cough the symptoms comprise of difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and asthma attacks wherein the air is unable to reach the lungs owing to the narrowing of the airways.Causes of cough variant asthma is not made clear but it tends to appear after exposure to allergens, breathing in cold air, due to upper respiratory infection such as sinusitis, taking beta blockers a kind of drug which is used in treating high blood pressure, heart disease, migraine and aspirin. A connection between asthma and allergies is present and around 80% of all asthma patients also tend to have nasal allergies.

Immunology Link

Since allergies are the outcome of the immune system overreacting to a substance which should not usually result in a reaction, there could also be an immunology link to cough variant asthma. Some may be at a great risk of suffering from cough variant asthma together with the other allergic diseases. Being aware of the risk factors for this disease and if the patient is suffering from it, it could help the doctor in making a diagnosis. Some of the risk factors comprise of:

  •  Suffering from another allergic condition 
  •  Having regular asthma 
  •  Having a relative suffering from asthma 
  •  Being overweight 
  •  Smoking or exposure to cast-off smoke 
  •  Exposure to environmental or occupational irritants
Treatment for cough variant asthma is said to be the same as in the case of classic asthma though the treatment may differ and could comprise a mixture of the following:

  •  Inhaled corticosteroid or inhale anti-inflammatory drugs which tends to ease and prevent 
  •  Rescue inhalers or inhalers which tend to lessen inflammation rapidly when an asthma attack arises 
  •  Combination inhalers which combine both preventive medicines as well as fast-responding medicines 
  •  Preventive oral medications which work in keeping the airways open
The best treatment is avoiding cough variants asthma symptoms from flaring up. People who have been prescribed medication for prevention of asthma symptoms need to observe the instructions provided by their physicians to prevent episodes and to keep it from worsening. Precautions also needs to be taken to lessen the risk of developing asthma and to lower the risk, one should have a healthy weight, be aware of their personal risk factors, manage any allergic conditions correctly and quit smoking.They should also avoid cast-off smoke together with other environmental as well as occupational irritants.

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