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Monday 26 December 2016

Psychedelic Sanctuary will Help Drug Users Get over Bad Trips

Most of the people are unaware about to recover from really bad phases and trips in life in the right way. In order to provide right answer to this problem a psychedelic sanctuary will open in New York where US residents will get the first taste of therapeutic medication. This centre brings a culmination of variety of therapeutic techniques and practices into play which can help people in dealing with such phase as well as regain their confidence along with peace of mind in the most natural way. This therapeutic facility will foster the use of psychedelic drugs along with psychotherapy and group support for the users.

A new mode of active living

This therapeutic center will help users in dealing with the intense & difficult situations and experience of the life. This sanctuary will be held at the Centre for Optimal Living in New York under its founder named Andrew Tatarsky. Andrews states that the traditional and established method of drug treatment wherein the use of drugs for treating the chronic and progressive disease results in causing total abstinence among the users.

A new treatment

At this sanctuary users will be treated with the psychedelic drugs which include LSD but it is worth pointing out that this is regarded as the drugs of abuse. The conventional method of treatment and medications doesn’t helps in ridding people of their additions in a remarkable fashion.

Greater well being of the society

Psychedelic sanctuary will have a full staff which will include a doctors, psychedelic researchers along with 11 clinical psychologists. Apart from these it will also feature a number of support groups, training in medication, yoga and workshops will be conducted for the users. A preliminary research conducted by the researchers has shown that the person who actively receives help from any kind of group therapy or support group tend to get improved levels of well being than those who rely on conventional treatment or medication.
Support group and such sessions will play a vital role in turning people towards the path of attaining of internal well being and enhancement of the mood. This sanctuary will employ only properly trained and professionals who will guide users in dealing with their problems.

Psychedelic sanctuary opens a new world of healing

The best thing about psychedelic sanctuary is that it will help users in integrating positive feeling throughout their treatment which will help in unlocking richer life. It will also help people in feeling more compassionate and sympathetic to other which eventually bring them closure to the nature. A number of researches has pointed out that psychedelics helps in relieving people from the depths of depressions and anxiety and restores them to their cheery self. A recent study conducted on the psilocybin has offered dramatic results wherein it was found that this particular compound retrieved from the magic mushrooms helps people in facing death in a more dignified with life threatening disease like cancer.

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