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Thursday 21 December 2017

Needle-Free Drug Injector Gets Commercialization Deal

Needle-Free Drug Injector

A unique needle-free drug injector soon to get into mass production with a commercialization deal

In the medical field needles are life saver but it also happens to be a cause of anxiety for some patients. Certainly no one’s likes being poked upon even if it meant getting your health back on track at the earliest. Needle free drug injector has been developed by a group of researchers at MIT which has passed through a commercialization deal which will help in reducing the pain as well as anxiety of having a injection and certainly it will go a long way in improving patent adherence to treatment. It is worth noting that certain kind of treatments like for chronic diseases requires the patients have multiple intravenous for administration of the drugs. But a number of patients sadly stop adhering to the treatment due to the pain and anxiety which comes with it.

The developer behind it

This device has been developed by the researchers at MIT research based on their years of hard work. A startup was created to formally take this jet injection device to the funding round. This needle-free drug injector delivers at a high pressure rapid jetstream of medicine. It doesn’t cause any pain to the patient and comes as thin as strand of hair and can certainly be adjusted as per the dosages.

The developers behind it are George N Hotsopoulos Professor in Thermodynamics along with research scientist Catherine Hogan and aided by a number of students and postdocs from the MIT Bioinstrumentation Laboratory.

Researchers have paired this device with a connected app which helps doctors in tracking each dose along with the effects of the medicine of the patients. In this age of connected devices this device also happens to upload all the information right on the cloud which can be accessed by the doctors and patients later on. This startup is planning get this device in stores as a unique ‘drug-device combination’ product which can be only bought on a prescription.

One tool for every need

This isn’t the first time a needle free drug injector has been developed by researchers. Sadly all the earlier injectors offered no method which can help in controlling the flow of the jet which essentially resulted in the discomfort and other issues among the patients. Secondly these jet injectors happened to eject similar drug dosage every time and at the same skin depth which didn’t helped their cause much.

This device has been designed in such a way that it easily accommodates different therapeutics as per the doctor’s needs. That also happens without making any kind of chance to the device as a whole. Doctors can make use of the high pressure injections of certain kind of drugs while using the low pressure injections they can deliver the drug at a slow pace to the whole surrounding area. Simply this needle free drug injector has become a dream come of true for those who always live in the fear of needles.

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