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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Microgel Powder Fights Infection and Helps Wounds Heal

Microgel Powder

Microgel Powder to Heal Wounds Quicker

A team of researchers discovered a formula or a microgelpowder, that could heal wounds quicker by reducing bacteria and virus infections in the wound by a minimum of 99%. Researchers discovered this miracle healing powder quite by accident. In the process of making a smart glue they got a by- product of hydrogen peroxide which is the key ingredient when it comes to the microgel powder.

The making of the smart glue involves biocompatibility testing and extracting or more so pulling out a sticky amino acid from mussels. This, results in a glue like catechol which can be used a smart adhesive. Why smart you say? The glue’s stickiness can be switched on or off with a small jolt of electricity.

Getting more to the Point with Microgel Powder: 

But getting more to the point, the smart glue making process produced a by- product of oxidation called hydrogen peroxide which forms the basis for the microgel powder. After getting this by – product, researchers began to ask themselves whether they could use this by- product productively and the answer they came up with was in the form of the microgel powder.

Further Developments to make the Microgel Powder: 

After getting the hydrogen peroxide, researchers had to decide what form they preferred it to be in. The target form would be lots of surface area for a chemical reaction and a way to reuse the material. Thus came about the microgel powder.

The microgel powder is a powder to the naked eye. But when suspended in a solution with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH like for example distilled water or a saline solution used to keep contact lenses in to clean it, you get the microgel which is a jello like substance.

After four days the powder transforms into the microgel all on its own. When dried, the microgel turns back into its powder like form, which can then be stored safely and also reused. Here you have a disinfectant that can be safely reused and stored in the shape of a microgel powder.

The Human Body being the Inspiration for the Miracle Microgel Powder: 

Hydrogen peroxide being used as a disinfectant for wounds did not come about to researchers just like that, but in reality was an inspiration taken from the human body.

The human body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide to help heal cuts and wounds. Since then hydrogen peroxide has been used widely to disinfect cuts and wounds by killing off 99% of bacteria and viruses.

The team behind the microgel powder tested the gel with two types of bacteria and virus strains including one which is extremely resistant to “getting rid off”. They found that the microgel powder was successful in getting rid of 99.99% of all the bacteria and viruses that it was tested upon.

Number of Applications at Hand: 

This newly found microgel powder may not be shelf ready at present, but when it will be, it will have a host of uses ranging from the battlefield to being used as a disinfectant at home.

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